Nicki’s Random Musings is the random musings of a wife a mother sharing about what’s life like in Stephensville (our home).


Hello and welcome to my blog, thanks for stopping by.  My name is Nickida, the founder and author of Nicki’s Random Musings.  I am happily married and a mother for four amazing children.  I’ve been blogging on and off for almost five years.  My first blog was about becoming a better wife and I shared about my journey to being a Submissive & Praying Wife after two years I took a break from blogging and started again with a few other blogs about various topics ranging from ways to find free items online, online games, baby freebies and couponing.  In 2012 I started blogging more often than in the past first doing mainly my Wordless Wednesday and Tuesday 10 posts, since then my blog has evolved and grown to include much more that random musings of family life.

Before becoming a Stay At Home Mom I worked in college admissions, financial aid and student support services.  I left the work force shortly after the birth of my first child.  I love baking and practice as much as I can to improve my skills. I am always looking for new baking related products to try, I also like cooking new dishes from different cultures and sharing them.  I love reading, listening to music and watching movies.  I love shopping and saving money with coupons and finding great deals that I share with others.

Want your product featured on my blog in a review, highlight or giveaway?  Contact me at info@nickisrandommusings.com.  I also work with companies on sponsored posts and advertising on my blog.  I am located in Baltimore, MD so I can attend events in the area, other parts of Maryland, D.C, Philly, NYC and other surrounding areas.  Please see my PR Page to learn more about my policies and interests.

Meet My Team


My hubby: The Oklahoma Gentleman – Hubby has mainly worked in higher education but most recently worked in secondary education in both middle and high schools. He’s served as advisor to student groups and also does some public speaking on leadership and fashion.  He’s a Hip Hop fanatic, Die Hard OU Sooners Football Fan, and a style and fashion guy.  He sometimes blogs at The Oklahoma Gentleman about fashion, sports, music, leadership, and more.


Kennedi – The princess and only girl in the bunch.  She’s eight and loves all things pink, princess and Disney.  She loves reading and is always looking for a new book so if you have children’s book to review she would love to read them.  She loves Jessie, Liv and Maddie, I Didn’t Do It, Dog With a Blog, My Little Pony, Monster High, K.C. Undercover, Girl Meets World, Lipgloss and nail polish.  She’s very girly and like to play in make up, paint her nails and dress up.  She aspires to be a doctor and traveling all over.  She’s the best sissy and we love our little princess.


The Young Prince: Trey is the oldest of our three boys, he’s a seven year old first grader.  He’s like any regular boy that loves his mom and his big sister.  He’s very close to her and enjoys spending time with her when they aren’t fussing about what shows to watch.  He loves making friends and going on play dates.  He is a gigantic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan so if you have toys, books, movies, games, whatever with TMNT he’s the man to check it out for you.  He like watching toy review on Youtube and is hoping to make his own video soon (I’m not sure if I am ready to put him out there like that yet, we’ll see).  He also loves Toy Story, Yo Gabba Gabba, Teen Titans and Spiderman.  He wants to be a Firefighter or Police Officer when he grows up and he likes to travel, play with his toys and hang with his dad.



The Toddler Monster: JB is our very special four year old.  I’ve written about him the most on my blog and the most important one is my post Waiting and Wishing For Words.  It’s a very touching piece, one that was both hard and definitely necessary to write.  He’s our adventurous boy, he knows no danger and there’s trouble to get into he will find it for sure.  He loves to climb on any and everything, make messes, jump around, dance, play on the iPad and he’s a foodie.  He loves trying new foods and the least picky about what he eats of all our kids.  Even though his adventures scares me at times, he always finds a way to melt my heart.  Our lives was recently changed when JB was diagnosed with Autism.  I’ve since started writing about our lives and JB’s journey along with a host of other Autism content.



The infant: Mase is the baby celebrity in Stephensville.  The newest of our family and he’s already bringing so much joy into our lives.  He’s JB sidekick so usually whatever JB is doing Mase is doing it as well.  He loves to dance, slide on the slide, watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and play outside.

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  1. I just found you through The More than Mommies mixer. Dropping in to say hi, very impressed by the scope of what you’ve done here! Looking forward to exploring your site.

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