My Dream Headphones from Icon Q

My Dream Headphones from Icon Q

As a blogger, I am always looking for products that can make my blogging easier and more productive.  As a mother I am always looking for ways to get some peace and quite, either for the house (via silent children) or for myself (via me time).  Icon Q Boundless H3 Bluetooth Headphones are just what I need to satisfy both the blogger and the mother sides of me.  I received a Icon Q Boundless H3 Bluetooth Headphones for inclusion in my Holiday Gift Guide.

Whether I’m blogging or trying to get some piece and quite or getting some me time, I almost always turn to music.  It’s music and baking for me.  The Boundless H3 is a favorite at Icon Q.  The padded earcups shut out surrounding noise, allowing you to truly focus on what you’re listening to, which is great for me because when I put on headphones I want to completely focus on the music.  When blogging it helps me relax and let my writing flow and when I want the kinds to quite down I usually let them watch one of their favorite shows with headphones so they’re quite and focusing on the show.  The earcups on the Boundless H3 feel light and pillowy on your ears, and gives you plenty of space to feel comfortable. Listen to music with these headphones once and you’ll be hooked, and listening for hours.


Bluetooth technology allows you to walk, run, jump wire-free. Cutting the cord is a must for me with headphones, with an infant and toddler who are always pulling at my heels I need to be wire free.  With the Boundless H3 you can enjoy your music without worrying about getting tangled in wires, or disconnecting from your music source.  Roam as far as 33 feet away and enjoy strong sound. Bluetooth 4.0 gives the added benefit of up to 10 hours of playback time.  And with near field communication technology, the Boundless H3 lets you tap and connect a NFC device to the headphones within seconds.

Sometimes my blogging takes me traveling.  I’ve been to L.A. twice for press trips and when I’m traveling it would be great to have headphones that can easily travel with me.  The Boundless H3 packs a big sound, but folds up easily to fit into any small space. Meaning you can enjoy its rich sound wherever you decide to take it, on the train to work, or across the globe.  You can also talk hands free with these headphones.  There’s a built in mic and speaker, when listening to music and you get a phone call, simply push the play button to pick up and to end your call and return to the music.  The Icon Q Boundless H3 headphones retails for $99.99 and you can purchase it on their website.

There isn’t anything missing from these headphones in my opinion.  They are perfect for this mommy blogger, to handle both hectic sides of my life.  This would make a great gift for anyone who love music.  They are sleek and very fashionable.  I can definitely see why the folks at Icon Q had them on their must have list.  It’s truly a must have item.  Be sure to check out Icon Q on their social media channels this week and next.  They are currently running specials on their website for customers.  Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.  Right now they’re giving away a free Boundless S1 Bluetooth speaker ($29 value) with any purchase made on their site,, until 12/22.

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