Katy Mixon Opens up About Family, American Housewife, and Being Different

Katy Mixon Opens up About Family, American Housewife, and Being Different

If you’re not watching ABC’s American Housewife you’re missing out on some seriously good television. Last year I was on set and had the opportunity to snap some shots with the cast of the show. When I learned we were going to be interviewing Katy Mixon I was beyond excited. I couldn’t wait to chat with the American Housewife star about her show, acting, becoming a mother and more.

We started the morning with second breakfast and a screening of the upcoming episode that premieres tonight on ABC called “The Club”.

“The Club” – When Anna-Kat develops a fear of water and stops bathing, her therapist suggests the Ottos get her to go swimming. But can Katie get over own her fear of wearing a bathing suit in public at the Westport Country Club so she can help her kid out? Meanwhile Oliver gives his dad a style makeover after students at the college give Greg a low “jalapeño” score, on “American Housewife,” airing TUESDAY, MAY 2 (8:30-9:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network.

“American Housewife” stars Katy Mixon as Katie Otto, Diedrich Bader as Greg Otto, Meg Donnelly as Taylor, Daniel DiMaggio as Oliver, Julia Butters as Anna-Kat, Carly Hughes as Angela and Ali Wong as Doris. Guest starring are Miya Cech as Marigold and Alexa Sutherland as the teenage lifeguard. “The Club” was written by Brian Donovan & Ed Herro and directed by David Bertman.

After the screening, we had the opportunity to chat with Katy about the show, her career, her family, and so much more. We started the interview talking to Katy about the show and where the idea for the show came from. It’s so relatable to many of us in the room. It’s like they are pulling from our lives.

It comes from the creator, Sarah Dunn. This is her vision. And so, and it took off with Kenny Schwartz and Rick Weiner. Who are the show runners. And the incredible writing staff. But this was her vision, these are certain situations, not all of them but certain situations, most of them basically come from her life.

And like what she has experienced. And living in basically a town, kind of in upstate New York a little bit. But Ken Schwartz who’s the show runner, he’s from Westport, Connecticut and everything. So they’re really taken from her – her whole thing, basically. And it’s been my job to recreate that. So I couldn’t be more opposite from Sarah Dunn. I’m originally from Pensacola, Florida and I’m from the South, yeah. I’m from the South and I’m 35, I just turned 36.  And I think Sarah Dunn’s 43 or something like that. But I play older, you know, play older in the show, and everything. But yeah, but it’s been my job to recreate what has been her vision.

The episode we watched dealt with overcoming fears and conquering things that may challenge you. I know personally as a plus size woman I hate wearing a bathing suit in public because I feel like people are watching me and making comments. We asked Katy how does she deal with overcoming any of her fears.

Me, or Katie Otto? I rock n’ roll in a different way. I always have. I don’t, I’ve always been quite fearless. I’ve always, I’ve never really let anxiety take a toll on me. And I march to the beat of my own drum, I get back up on that horse and if I don’t get it right, I’m gonna do it again the next day. That’s kinda my M.O., that’s kinda how I’ve always rocked n’ rolled. Sarah Dunn’s quite different from me. Which is a beautiful thing too. 

So that’s what’s been really interesting. When I took on this role right after Mike & Molly, I ended it really last year. And four days later I walked into this AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE room. And so I think what was wild was, I’m not like her. I’m not Katie Otto. I’m just, I don’t get mad at a green juice. If you’re going to do yoga, I think that’s awesome! You’re bettering yourself, do you know what, I love people. I love people. 

I love, I’m real spontaneous. I love celebrating people, what makes them happy. I’m just so opposite of what Katie Otto is. So it’s just fun to play. So yeah, I mean, I don’t know if I answered your question but that’s kinda how I rock & roll. So it’s been a true, but it’s what I wanted. I wanted to do a role that I’ve never done before. I don’t wear hardly any makeup in it, in that show. We cover up head to toe. I wear real baggy clothes. Like it’s a whole, it just couldn’t be more opposite of what I’ve done in the past. And I couldn’t be more grateful. So, yeah. Yeah.

I know most actors/actresses have a hard time picking a favorite when they are on television shows. We did ask Katy to share with us her favorite episode. That’s a hard question for every myself, who’s just a fan of the show. Every week there’s something in each episode that really hits home for me.

Oh, honey. So many. There’s just so many. We just finished filming three weeks ago, so it feels all a blur, to be honest with you. I think certain ones that stand out, I love BAG LADY. I loved that when she just went crazy on people. That was real fun, I loved being able to do physical comedy. Like physical stuff, you know. Getting out of the house, and be in the environment, I love that. 

I love Zombie Run, when I got to be back home. I loved it, we did right away. And it was crazy. I must have run five miles in the period of five days. It was really insane. But yeah, that was one. These are some of the ones that stick out. The Valentine’s Day episode was real special, to shoot. Yeah.  

If you’ve seen the show you know that Katie Otto has a clear winner for her favorite child. We asked if she had a favorite among the kids who play her children on the show, one that she bonded with the most.

Favorite child actor? No. They’re all quite special. They’re all really really lovely. I’m such a person of divine appointment, I believe in that. And the moment I met each one of them, I knew I was a part of something quite special. And I’ll never forget, I met sweet Julia, we were doing costume fittings, it was before the pilot. And it was all crazy, nobody really knew what was gonna happen. And she rounded the corner and I was like, “Are you my TV daughter?” 

And she was like, “Yes!” She came in and like gave me the biggest hug. So she’s – yeah, it’s been wonderful. All three of them.  

Like I mentioned earlier, when you look at this show there are so many times it seems like they are in my head. One of the ladies asked Katy how does it feel to know she’s inspiring moms and fans of the show.

It brings tears to my eyes. It’s like one of the most special like, I’m so emotional, I’m so sorry. There’s so many emotions. But it brings tears to my eyes, honey. I could not be like, we were grateful and having the time of my life. Thank you so much. 

I’m having the time of my life. It’s so special to be in a role, be given a role. First of all, be able to do what you love to do. To be given the opportunity to do what you love to do is quite incredible. 

It’s just the biggest gift in the world. And then to have people be able to receive it, or relate to it, would be like, ah, so that character, like that’s totally me. That’s just the best thing in the world. So I am in a new dimension…I’ve never played a mom with three children. So that’s been quite quite special. To be able to do that on camera. And evoke emotion, or evoke, you know, something like that.  

Katy is currently pregnant and expecting her first child with her fiance, we wanted to know what is one characteristic she would take from Katie Otto.

I don’t really know. She’s really strong. I’m really strong, you know. It’s just, I just rock & roll in a different way. I don’t know what would take from. I love her so much, that Katie Otto. I don’t know what character trait – I think this is the thing –  she’s quite fearless. But I’m quite fearless too. Just doing it in a different way.

I don’t know, I think, you know, she says what her mind thinks. And I think there’s power in saying what your mind  says, telling it how it is. I’m always like, you gotta do it in the spirit of love, that’s where I come from. Not so much Katie Otto. 

We briefly touched on her small role in the movie Hell or High Water, it was such a serious role, and see to be so different from what we are used to seeing the actress play.

Honey. It was quite wonderful. Quite quite special. I knew, I got that the old fashioned way. I went in a year and a half ago and auditioned for good ol’ Richard Hicks and then who got me in for David MacKenzie. And I just finished MIKE AND MOLLY, Season 5. And we’re going on hiatus, going into Season 6. And I did it for David MacKenzie. And then two days later they said, Katy Mixon, can you come to New Mexico? I said, I can. So I knew when I was in Clovis, New Mexico, honey. With sweat under the boobs. 

And sweat in every crack . Doing it in one hundred ten degree weather. I knew I was part of something special, and getting to work with Ben Foster and Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine. And Gil.  They don’t write movies like that. I kinda shared in what he wrote, quite incredible. And so, you know my background is theater. My background is musical theater but theater. And my very first acting job was at Utah Shakespeare Festival, when I was 19. I played Capernia in JULIUS CAESAR. So my – a lotta people don’t know, I went to Carnegie Mellon Conservatory for four years. But a lot of people don’t know like, my whole life background, or like, “Oh, she just does comedy”. Like it’s a whole – but I do all of it. And so that was just the best avenue to be able to be a part of, you know. Yeah. You’re so kind, I’m so glad you liked it.

The actress opened up about her pregnancy and shared with us she was having a baby boy. We wanted to know if she wanted her son to be an actor or follow in her footsteps at all.

Honey, I want him to do whatever he wants to do. I’m gonna be such a big fan of like, what – I just want to introduce him to the world. Like introduce him to like, any avenue. You know, I’m like, whatever. Whether it’s a mathematician, or a rock band. I just want to encourage – you know, me & my fiancé, we just want to encourage him to be who he’s meant to be. You know.

I asked Katy if she wanted to see her pregnancy added into the show. Like the addition of a bonus “opps” baby to the mix. I think it would be great a great way to add to the Otto family.

I’m real open to it all. You know, like whatever, what whatever they dream up. Whatever their vision is, I’ll do it! Quite clearly. But I gotta y’all, I mean, I can’t tell you. But I’m gonna hint. The finale, I can’t wait for y’all to see the finale. That airs, Miss Ellen, when does it air?  It airs on May 16. That’s the date for now. So, tune in. 

Tune in tonight for American Housewife on ABC.

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