My Zest Fruitboost Experience

My Zest Fruitboost Experience

Jingles of popular brands have a way to sticking with you.  You can replay them in your head at the oddest times and recall all sorts of memories.  Every time I hear ‘Zest’ I think of their jingle and tag line – “You’re not fully clean until you’re Zestfully clean!”  I’ve been using their products for years so when I was invited to participate in their Booster Program I was excited to join.

Zest recently introduced their new line of shower gels called Zest Fruitboost. The new innovative, revitalizing shower gel helps reveal beautiful, glowing skin with rich moisturizers and the antioxidant power of Vitamin C to help nourish your skin. Available in three luscious fruit filled scents (Citrus Splash, Very Berry, and Peach & Mango), Zest Fruitboost stimulates your senses at a whole new level. It’s also twice as concentrated as the average shower gel providing double the lather and double the scent, and can be used to up to 40 showers making it a great value.

I was sent a Walmart Gift Card to head out to purchase my own Zest FruitBoost shower gels along with items to boost my shower experience.  I headed to my closest store and they didn’t have any in stock.  Luckily I was able to use to Fruitboost store locator on the Zest website and found that they were at several Super Walmart’s in my area.  I headed out during the Black Friday shopping weekend looking for these and found all three scents.

Zest FruitBoost (2)

The store I shopped at had only one bottle left of the Very Berry Scent, a few of the Peach Mango and lots of Citrus Splash.  Of course I brought the Very Berry Scent and the Peach Mango since it seemed like they were the most popular scents based on what was left.  I am not a huge fan of citrus so I decided not to purchase that scent.

Zest FruitBoost (4)

Of course when I think of taking a nice shower I love have a large fluffy towel to wrap myself in after showering and I love colorful loofas when using shower gels.  They make even more suds and I can honestly say that using the loofa is the best way to really enjoy the scents of Zest Fruitboost.  It makes double the suds and spreads the wonderful scent all over the bathroom.

Photo Credit: Airwick

A relaxing shower for me also includes some music played on a wireless speaker and a candle burning.  I really like Airwick candles so they are usually my candles of choice.  Candles don’t last long in my house at all.  Mines was gone within two days of me purchasing them.

Zest FruitBoost (2)

Of the two scents that I tried I have go say is the Very Berry.  It has a light berry scent but it’s not over powering.  The scent really helped me relax and enjoy my hot shower.  I thought the Peach Mango would be my favorite but it did come in a close second.  If you’re looking to purchase your own Zest Fruitboost head to Walmart or check the store locator to find the nearest location.  These tubes cost only $2.98, making them perfect for gift giving this holiday season.  The would make great stocking stuffers or fillers for gift baskets.  Plus save more by grabbing this $0.75 off coupon.

Thanks to Zest one lucky reader will win their own trio of Zest Fruitboost to boost their shower experience.  The giveaway ends December 18th at 11:59 PM.  Open to US residents 18 and older.  To enter comment below letting me know which scent you would want to try the most (Citrus Splash, Very Berry or Peach Mango).  Good Luck.


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