Roxy Grace Natural Handmade Beauty Products

Roxy Grace Natural Handmade Beauty Products

My daughter loves checking out how to make beauty products on Youtube.  One thing she’s always looking at creating is making lip-gloss.  She would ask me over and over and purchasing the items she needs to try to make her own.  I wasn’t a fan of this idea and knew there had to be another way to get something my daughter would love without having to stress about finding the ingredients.  That’s where Roxy Grace came to the rescue.

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Roxy Grace and Company manufactures all natural Do It Yourself Lip Balm, Bath Fizzies and Body Scrub Kits for girls.  Their mission is to educate young women on the importance of using natural bath and beauty products, promote creativity and encourage generosity and kindness.

Roxy Grace Lip Balm Kit
Photo Credit: Roxy Grace and Company

Disclosure: Roxy Grace provided me with one of their Lip Balm Kits for inclusion in our Holiday Gift Guide.

I received the Roxy Grace DIY Lip Balm Kit for gift guide inclusion.  I love these kinds of gifts because they are fun for both my daughter and I.  We get to participate in a fun activity with each other and she gets to create her own beauty products.  With these kits we know exactly whats inside the products she’s using so we can rest assured it’s safe for her to use and enjoy.

About Roxy Grace DIY Lip Balm Kit

LB3Each kit comes with all the ingredients needed to make 6 lip balms. Each kit also comes with a Kindness Club Membership Card, 6 hang tags with ribbon and 6 cellophane bags to create gift sets for friends.These kits are designed to be an easy and fun DIY activity. The Roxy Lip Balms are made with all-natural nourishing ingredients. They are not only fun to make with a group of friends but they can also be given as gifts. Select from an awesome list of flavors. Adult supervision is required.

The Roxy Grace DIY Lip Balm Kit costs $28 per kit, you can also substitute coconut oil for almond oil if you are worried about allergies for an additional $2 pet kit.  Check out the Roxy Grace and Company website for other DIY kits and pre-made beauty products.  If you’re interested in shopping at Roxy Grace this holiday season use discount code Mommyblog25 to receive 25% off your purchase until December 31st, 2015.


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