Shop Shutterfly for Unforgettable Gifts

Shop Shutterfly for Unforgettable Gifts

Christmas is less than a week away, and you may have already wrapped up all your shopping for the holiday.  Honestly I never feel like I am completely done shopping, I am always thinking of something else I can add under the tree for my family and loved ones.  This year I partnered with Shutterfly to share gift ideas for the holidays.  I received a gift certificate to purchase items showcased in this post.

Shop Shutterfly for

While shopping on the Shutterfly website I noticed how much the site has grown in regards to their gift options.  Originally I was only looking for teacher gifts for the kids teachers and for my son’s classroom aides.  It didn’t take long for me to quickly realize that I could get so many more gifts and not just for the holidays either.

Wedding Anniversary

My husband and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary this year, it’s in December so it always takes a back burner to the holiday.  This year thanks to Shutterfly I was able to get some great items for my husband to celebrate our anniversary.  I even shared with you Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas to cover the first ten years of marriage.  All with products you can find on Shutterfly.

Shutterfly (24)

Shutterfly (1)

Two things I found to gift my husband was the Mason Jar Mug and the 16 picture collage.  I loved adding photographs of us over the years to show how much we’ve changed.  They were both big hits with him, he loved them both.

teacher gifts

I also shared with Teacher Gift Ideas with you from Shutterfly.  I fell in love with their design studio idea on the site.  It was easy for me to design the mug of my choice and use Shutterfly’s professional quality images.  This option alone will take your gifts to a whole new level.

I was able to create something different for each of my children’s teachers.  I let them pick the design so it made them feel special about making the mugs and they’ll be even more excited about gifting them.  I even opted for the gift boxes for an additional $4.95, and added chocolates for $9.99, making it so much easier on me once they arrived.  They were ready to be wrapped or placed in a gift bag.

Jewelry Gifts

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I have to suggest you check out Shutterfly’s Jewelry Gifts.  I think these were the most surprising of off the items I purchased from the site.  I ordered the initial bracelet for my niece first and then went back and ordered one for myself, a necklace for my daughter and I just placed an order for a customized Autism Awareness Necklace for myself.  I’ve been blown away by the high quality and beauty of these items from Shutterfly.  The bracelets arrive in gift boxes ready for gifting.  The necklaces arrive in gift pouches.

Shutterfly (16)

Shutterfly (20)

I loved all my gift from Shutterfly and if you’re looking for unforgettable gifts then be sure to check out them out.  They are more than just photo prints and calendars.  While it may be too late for Christmas, Shutterfly has gifts for all your special occasions.  Be sure to check back for more gift ideas.

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