SONIC Drive-In Family Dining Review

SONIC Drive-In Family Dining Review

My husband grew up with SONIC in his neighborhood.  There wasn’t a SONIC in Trinidad when I was living there, and I don’t believe there is one there now.  Even when my family first moved to Baltimore the restaurant chain hadn’t expanded to the Baltimore area.  During out brief time living in Winston-Salem my husband made sure I was introduced to the goodness of SONIC.  He just loves going there and I love the fact that they offer tater tots on the menu and the ice of course.  SONIC Drive-In recently introduced a Croissant Dog and so they sent us some gift cards to head out to our local SONIC Drive-In to try some of our favorites on the menu.


SONIC Drive-In restaurants are popping up all over Baltimore and surrounding areas.  Every time we drive by one it makes my husband even happier.  Once our cards arrived it took it a few weeks to finally make it to the drive in.  The dar finally arrived and we were looking to find the closest one to our house.  There were two within five miles of us.  We opted for the newest location because we’d never been to that location before.

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SONIC sent us $50 in gift cards to help cover our meal when we visited the restaurant.  That was more than enough to feed our family of six.  You can stretch your dollars at SONIC by visiting during their special hours.  Catch certain drinks for under a dollar when you visit before 10 AM, 1/2 price shakes after 8 PM, and half price slushes everyday between 2 -4 PM.  Like them on Facebook for more special offers.

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When we arrived at the drive in we decided to head inside and sit instead of sitting in the hot car.  Plus our toddler wouldn’t want to sit in his car seat that long any way.  We found two tables that would work great to hold our whole family.  It was right next to the door way so we got to keep cool with the breeze.

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As you can see from my husband’s face he’s excited.  Ordering was a breeze.  We all picked what we wanted from the menu and watch the televisions they had in the dining area while we waited for our food.  A car hop brought our food over and the kids were excited because she was wearing skates.  My son even tried to follow her back into the kitchen, I think he had a crush on her or he wanted to help make the hot dogs.

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My husband went with the Footlong Quarter Pound Coney and Chili Cheese Tater Tots.  He always gets a footlong when we visit SONIC so it’s no surprise he choose it today.  SONIC offers a wide variety of hotdogs and coneys for guests to choose from including the All American Hotdog, the Chicago Dog and the Chili Cheese Coney.

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Trey with his Cyborg Eye Glasses from his Wacky Pack. Those were the toys being offered when we visited.
JB waiting on his food
JB waiting on his food
Mason stuffing his mouth with tots.
Mason stuffing his mouth with tots.

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sonic drive in (2)

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The kids ended up choosing the Wacky Packs for their dinner, except for Trey, he wanted a bigger burger so he just got a regular burger meal and we paid a small fee to get him a toy.  The Wacky Pack gives kids the option of an entrée (corn dog, jr hamburger, jr deluxe cheeseburger, grilled cheese, hotdog, and chicken strips).  Sides include tater tots, natural cut fries and apple slices.  For drinks kids can choose milk, apple juice box, orange juice and a selection of Minute Maid juices.  Chicken strips won out among our kids and they ended up with slushes instead of the regular juices.

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sonic drive in (9)

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I ended up with a Bacon Cheeseburger with Natural Cut Fries for my dinner.  I wanted something different and it looked so great on the menu I had to give it a try.  It was huge and it was so good.  I loved the fries at SONIC, they had just the right amount of salt and they were fresh and crispy.  Everyone enjoyed their meals.

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My husband and the kids even tried the candy slushes.  My son got this Blue Raspberry with Nerds.  They liked them especially getting the small candy pieces.  Our whole family enjoyed our visit to SONIC Drive-In so much we couldn’t wait to go back again. We’ve been back twice since and we plan to visit again before summer vacation is over.

What about you, what do you choose when you go to SONIC?

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