Kennedi & Trey’s Spooksville Phone Fear Review

Kennedi & Trey’s Spooksville Phone Fear Review


I’m a member of the Hub Club and that gives me the opportunity to get early previews of some shows on the network.  We recently got the opportunity to check out Spooksville.  The episode premieres on Saturday at 5 PM EST/ 2 PM PST on the Hub Network.  The kids got in on this review and shared some thoughts on the show.

About the Episode Phone Fear:

A group of Lizzie Borden High’s students get stranded in an abandoned logging camp where they encounter a mysterious lethal fog which engulfs the students and causes them to begin to disappear, one by one.

The kids really enjoyed the episode.  My daughter watched it twice and was getting ready to watch it a third time but had to get ready for bed.  It’s their first video review  so they were a little excited but now they are interested in more I hope to share more with them in the future.  So without further ado, here’s what they had to say about the episode.

So be sure to tune in on Saturday and see what the episode was all about and what happened with the fog and the students.  Thanks to the Hub Network for giving us the opportunity to get an early preview of the show.  We all recommend it and suggest you enjoy it as a family.


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