Five Ideas for Taking Action Against Childhood Hunger

Five Ideas for Taking Action Against Childhood Hunger

Disclosure: I worked with The Motherhood on this post, sponsored by ConAgra Foods. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Earlier this month I share with you some information about childhood hunger especially during summer months when school is out and children who rely on the free or reduced lunch programs are without those meals.  I gave great tips in the post about how you can help the fight against childhood hunger and how you could help with a #HungerFreeSummer.  I’ve been thinking of ways I could help in my own community.  I live right across the street from our zoned elementary school and they never offer any programs during the summer months.  It started to make me think of ways I could help others.  Here’s a few ideas for taking action against childhood hunger in your communities.

Five Ideas for Taking Actions Against Childhood Hunger:

  1. Donate Food – You can always check the internet for local food pantries or check with local churches.  Food pantries are always looking for donations and even more during summer months and holidays.  When shopping for your own families pick up a few extras and drop them off at a shelter or food bank.  Some supermarkets also have options to purchase bags of already packaged foods for a small flat fee.  You could purchase one of those knowing its going to help a family in need.  To find a local food bank visit the Feeding America Food Bank Locator page.
  2. Donate Time – While visiting Colorado Springs recently we drove past the Feeding America Food Bank distribution center.  There were a few cars in the parking lot and you could see trucks unloading.  Often we remember to purchase the food and drop it off but we forget the step of giving some of our time.  Even if it’s just two hours, that time could help with organizing food boxes, sorting goods or even delivering food.  Donating your time is also an option for someone who may not have extra food to donate.  Especially if you are a recipient, donating your time is a great way to pay it forward in another way.
  3. Hold a Food Drive – Use your networks to help organize and hold a food drive to collect donations for food banks.  You can organize them through your community, churches, PTA, play groups and more.
  4. Advocate – We all have the power to effect change, being an advocate for others are a great way to help take action in your community.  If you notice there aren’t any summer feeding sites for children in your community write a letter to your congressman or congresswomen.  Write to the school board or call and see why there isn’t summer programs and why you can help.  Encourage others to take action and share with them the importance of taking action.
  5. Give Money – A little goes a long way and if you can donate money to your local food bank, they can use it.  Those donations help organizations provide services to those in need as well as pay for operations.

Those are just a few ideas to help take action.  You can also join the Fight for a Hunger Free Summer with ConAgra Foods, there are so many great ways for you to join in and help with the fight against hunger. You will be amazed at how easy it is to make a difference.  Check out my short video of how you can help by simply purchasing the Red Push Pin Products from Con Agra Foods.  Also check out the Feeding America A Childlike Summer Pinterest Board for tons of great ideas from other bloggers of how you can take action now and in the future.

Call To Action:

View, like or share Kid President’s new video to raise awareness for kids who are at risk of hunger this summer and help make kids’ summers “awesome!” Every time you take one of these actions, the ConAgra Foods Foundation will donate the monetary equivalent of one meal to the nation’s leading hunger-relief organization, Feeding America, up to two million meals.1

1For every view, like or share of this Kid President video recorded on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+ from May 22, 2014 through July 31, 2014, the ConAgra Foods Foundation will donate 11.1¢, the cost for Feeding America to provide one meal through its network of local food banks. Minimum donation of 10,000 meals ($11,111). Maximum donation of two million meals ($222,000). Valid in U.S. only.


What’s the Hubbub with Kid President

What’s the Hubbub with Kid President

Two week ago some of the Hub Club Bloggers had the opportunity to chat with Robby Novak (Kid President) and Brad Montague – the series creator/executive director.  If you’re not familiar let me share a brief back story.  Robby and his brother in law have a very popular show on Youtube called Kid President, that show was recently picked up by the Hub Network.  The series premiered on the Hub Network about three weeks ago and it airs on Saturday’s at 7 PM EST.  Each week Kid President explores different themes, chat with families all around the country and even spend some time with celebrity friends.  You can check out the Hub Chat below and see all Robby and Brad had to share including tips on starting your own youtube channel, his favorite interviews and more.

Join the Fight for a Hunger Free Summer with ConAgra Foods, there are so many great ways for you to join in and help with the fight against hunger.  You will be amazed at how easy it is to make a difference.  Here are one way to help, one you can do right now and get your friends and family to join in the fight as well.  View, like or share Kid President’s new video to raise awareness for kids who are at risk of hunger this summer and help make kids’ summers “awesome!” Every time you take one of these actions, the ConAgra Foods Foundation will donate the monetary equivalent of one meal to the nation’s leading hunger-relief organization, Feeding America, up to two million meals.1

About Kid President:

Ten-year-old Robby Novak created a worldwide following after his moving video, “A Pep Talk from Kid President to You,” went viral. That video is part of a YouTube series titled “Kid President” that has more than 75 million total views. Kid President’s online series is based on the belief that kids have a voice that needs to be heard and together with grown-ups they can make the world a better place. One of Kid President’s core philosophies is to “treat everybody like it’s their birthday.”

“At the Hub Network, Robby’s Kid President platform is one that we think everyone can embrace, because he is charming, clever, funny, inspirational and very relevant to today’s kids and families,” said Margaret Loesch, President and CEO, Hub Network. “With over 75 million views, we know ‘Kid President’ has the kind of cross-generational appeal that will speak to our core audience of children who like watching our shows with their parents and families.”

“Kid President is all about getting kids and grown-ups to work together to make the world more awesome,” says Executive Producer Rainn Wilson. “This show is an amazing blend of humor and heart, and The Hub Network is the perfect place for us to continue our mission to give the world a reason to dance. Plus, the network sent us an industrial-sized freezer full of corndogs. And we will do just about anything for corndogs.”

Breaking Up Frozen Foods Myths #FrozenFacts

I rarely buy frozen meals, I think its because of all the things you hear regarding frozen foods.  I like cooking meals for my family but I always cautious about the ingredients I use because I want to make sure the meals I make are nutritious and good for them.  For me serving frozen foods is usually either french fries that I always bake in the oven or frozen broccoli and corn.  I’ve heard all the comments about frozen meals being over processed, lacking in taste and flavor plus they are not good for someone trying to eat healthy.  I know that using some frozen foods can make preparing meals shorter but the myths of frozen foods keep me from trying other options.  I’m happy to say that’s I’ve learned more about frozen foods.

Has someone ever told you that frozen foods are over processed and not made with fresh vegetables?  That’s just not true at all according to ConAgra Foods, frozen meals like Healthy Choice and Marie Callender’s meals, can give families access to real, high quality ingredients year-round.  The vegetables are picked at the peak of freshness and most go from farm to freezer within 24 hours.

How about the myth that frozen foods taste like cardboard.  Actually that may not be the case there are some brands that just don’t put the effort into creating great meals.  Did you know that there are actually lots of chef inspired meal options on the market.  Healthy Choice uses apples for tartness instead of added sugars and even wine to add a punch of flavor.


I know you’ve also heard that frozen food are not good for people who are trying to eat healthy or are on a diet.  Another myth that is simply not true.  Frozen meals can be a great option if you don’t have time to cook.  It’s cheaper and much better than ordering out.  Healthy Choice and Marie Callender’s provide built-in portion control and are a tasty alternative to meal replacements like bars and shakes.  The two brands have more than 80 meals with less than 400 calories.  The Dietary Guidelines of America state there is strong evidence that shows portion control is a good strategy for weight management.

I enjoyed my Healthy Choice Chef Inspired meal for lunch and I was really surprised at how great it tasted.  I learned so much about frozen meals and now I will be adding more of them into our family meals.  When I opened my meal I saw the frozen tomatoes myself and them come back to life again after warming my meal in the microwave.  It was like eating fresh tomatoes.  The sauce was full of flavor and the chicken was juicy and tasted like chicken.  I plan on getting a few meals for my husband for lunch and also getting some meals for the night when I don’t feel like cooking and we would usually eat out.  Continue to follow the converstation and see what others are saying by following the hashtag #FrozenFacts on Twitter.

Technology is huge and its only getting more and more important.  Check out this video that shows the future of shopping.

ConAgra Foods frozen meals give families access to real ingredients like crunchy, freshly cut vegetables, homemade pasta and ripe fruit year-round. Just like most people blanch veggies before freezing them – ConAgra Foods does too – to help preserve color, texture and keep them fresh!

Give it a try sometime! Marie Callender’s hearty pot pies are filled with tender meat, freshly cut vegetables and Marie’s authentic golden, flaky crust. And Healthy Choice recipes use chef-inspired ingredients like, apples instead of sugar for tart sweetness and a splash of red wine for a punch of flavor instead of added salt.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ConAgra Foods.


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