Added Holiday Magic with Nutcracker Teddie From Cuddle Barn

Added Holiday Magic with Nutcracker Teddie From Cuddle Barn

Disclosure:  The item featured below is a part of my Holiday Gift Guide.  I was provided an item in exchange for an honest review.  Any and all opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.

I love the holiday season and since becoming a mom I have enjoyed it even more.  I love the look on my children’s faces when they open up a gift and it’s the one thing they wanted so badly or when we decorate and light up the Christmas Tree for the first time.  I love helping the kids address their class Christmas cards and making Christmas cookies for our family as little treats.  The thing I love the most is maintaining and making Christmas traditions with my children.  Traditions I hope they in turn share and continue when they have their own families.  This year we are adding to the holiday magic with Nutcracker Teddie from Cuddle Barn.

This adorable teddie made his way to us this holiday season and the kids have been loving it so much.  When it arrived and I opened up the box it was a total surprise to see him all dressed and holding the book with the story or the Nutcracker.  The kids couldn’t wait to try it and see what he did.  I was expecting a little music or something but the teddie reads the story of the Nutcracker and plays music from the dance.  Since he arrived I’ve been wondering where to put him in our apartment.  He’s been in the kids room since he arrives because they always want him to read them the story.  My daughter especially liked it because this year her class trip for the fall was to attend the Nutcracker Dance.  She came home from her trip super excited to share about how the teddie told the story just like the dance and how fun it was to know it before the rest of her class.

The kids like it so much they wanted to have him in the photo we were planning to use on our Christmas card this year.  Check out my video review so you can see this teddie in action.  The Nutcracker Teddie is priced at $29.99 and until 12/25 you can save 5% off your order with coupon code HOLIDAY13.  Cuddle Barn online store located at

Cuddle Barn doesn’t just offer Christmas items they also have items for Baby, Graduation, Get Well, Fun in the Sun, Talking Friends and more.  I love the Bundle of Joy bird.  She plays the song “Baby Love”.  If only they had a blue it would make a great gift for our newborn son.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and this cute couple would make a great gift for the one you love.  They are so cute and adorable.  They are priced at $49.99.

I love this Puppy Love gift, it would be perfect for Valentine’s Day as well.  It could be a gift for your kids or one for someone special.  This is also priced t $29.99.  Be sure to head over to Cuddle Barn and check out all they have to offer. Check out my video below.

The good folks at Cuddle Barn is giving one reader an opportunity to win their very own Nutcracker Teddie.  Open to US residents only and you must be 18 or older to enter.  The giveaway will run from today till December 28th.  (I know you won’t get it in time for this holiday season but you will have it for next year).  Enter via the tool below and be sure to share the giveaway with friends and family.