Rock N Learn – Learn A Language DVD Review #NRMBack2School

Rock N Learn – Learn A Language DVD Review

One thing that I really dislike about summer is “Summer Brain Drain”.  You know it’s when the kids seems to lose all the information they learned while in school during the year.  My kids seem to forget everything in the summer.  It could also just be that they are playing me but it seems like things they mastered during the school year are foreign to them in the summer.  Thanks to Rock N Learn we are not only combating the summer brain drain but we are also adding more information for the new school year.  We were sent a copy of Learn A Language from Rock N Learn to review and share our thoughts with you.

The Rock N Learn: Learn A Language DVD is different from any other language DVD we currently own. Instead of having  a DVD that focuses on just one language this one focuses on six different languages.  Yes, I said six.  Talk about bang for your buck.  It features over 80 words and phrases per language.  I also love the Rock N Learn way of teaching and helping kids learn.  For each language the give them the basics; like numbers, colors, common words and more.  Along with them seeing the words in what ever language you are reviewing, you also see a picture and hear the word at least twice.  I love the Rock N Learn model for repeating lessons so that kids hear it several times.  All their dvds that we’ve tried before have been fun and entertaining for my kids and they love when I pull out Rock N Learn.  They don’t even realize that they are learning and that’s the best part for me.  Now my kids are going back to school prepared for their new grades and also with some new knowledge they can share with friends as well.

Another reason why I love this Learn A Language DVD is that it also features an English section.  This is perfect for kids with learning delays.  It has worked great for helping my kids with spelling and words that they use almost daily.  This is another great product from Rock N Learn and one that I highly suggest that you pick one up if you have young children and plan to introduce them to a foreign language.

About Rock N Learn: Learn A Language:

Discover a new language or practice vocabulary and counting in your child’s first language. Choose from Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, German, and English – all six languages on one DVD! In this exciting adventure, kids learn colors, toys, clothes, furniture, and counting to 10. Colorful animation, real images, and adorable characters create an engaging experience that’s clear and easy to follow. From the main menu, select audio and subtitles in any of the six languages. They’re easy to mix and match. You can even turn off subtitles.

Ages 2 – 6.

Approx. 37 minutes per language. (3 hours, 42 minutes total).

The Learn A Language DVD is priced at $19.99 and you can purchase it from to the Rock N Learn website.  Check out a sample clip of the dvd below

Learning a New Language with Dino Lingo

Learning a New Language with Dino Lingo

Dino Lingo

Disclosure:  The item featured below is a part of my Holiday Gift Guide.  I was provided an item in exchange for an honest review.  Any and all opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.

As a mother I can’t stress enough how important it is for your children to start learning a second language or even several other languages, even if it’s just the basics.  In our world today it’s important for our children to help with securing jobs and also living a a multi-cultural world.  I love shows like Ni Hao Kai Lan and Dora because they started to get my kids excited about learning new languages and about those cultures as well.  As parents my husband and I have decided to go beyond those shows and introduce our children to more words so they can become much more familiar with other languages and also to help them develop as well-rounded students.  Our newest discovery is the Dino Lingo Language Home Education Kit.


When our (French) kit arrived I was surprised, it was so well packed but once we started digging in to review the items there is so much information in the one kit.  It comes in a box that’s perfect for gifting you just have to wrap it and tag it.

The full kit comes with all you need to get your child started with learning a new language and you can also learn right along with them by making it a family event.  The full kit includes:

  • 5 DVDs
  • 150 flashcards
  • 10 posters
  • a vocabulary book
  • a coloring book
  • world map
  • French flag
  • parents guide
  • a dinosaur plush toy
  • progress chart and report
  • songs CD

You’re sure to spends hours and hours learning from this kit.  I love that there are not only DVDs but we also have the flash cards that we can use in the car and on the go.  We are always looking for ways to incorporate the words we are learning with our children in everyday life.  The posters are great for the walls and having a CD for the car helps us keep the radio off and keep the learning going on the road as well.  The full kit is currently priced at $159.95 and Dino Lingo is currently running a holiday special for 15% off if you use coupon code “HOLIDAY15”.  Shipping is also free for US customers.  They also carry a basic kit for $99.95 (includes: 5 DVDs, 150 flashcards, dino poster, parents guide and progress chart), a poster set for $59.95 or the DVD set for $89.95.

Dino Lingo offers a long list of languages to choose from for your children.  We picked French but there are forty three different options to choose from, they include:

Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Bahasa (Indonesian), Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew,
Hindi, Hungarian, Irish (Gaelic), Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Malay, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (European), 
Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog (Filipino), Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, and Welsh.

How it works:

Dino Lingo is an interactive language-learning program for children.  Fueled by your child’s imagination, learning a new language through these immersive teaching techniques, has never been easier. Dino Lingo incorporates play and storytelling into their language learning programs; this method encourages your child to start speaking
it almost immediately! Dino Lingo is the perfect gift for any occasion.  To learn more about how the program really works view more on their website.  Be sure to connect with Dino Lingo on Facebook and Twitter.

This program would make a great holiday gift for kids and it’s a fun way to get the whole family involved in learning a new language.  It’s also a great homeschooling tool as well.  Even better the generous folks at Dino Lingo is offering a change for one of my readers to win a DVD Set ($89.95 value) in the language of your choice.  You must be 18 or older to enter and the giveaway is open to residents of the US only.  The giveaway will run from today until Saturday, December 14th at 11:59 PM.  Enter via the tool below.  Good Luck.


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Introduce Your Child to Foreign Languages with Little Pim

Introduce Your Child to Foreign Languages with Little Pim

Little Pim

Disclosure: The item featured below is a part of my Holiday Gift Guide.  I was provided an item in exchange for an honest review.  Any and all opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.

When I was growing up taking a foreign language was a part of the classes we had to take in order to graduate, back then all you were offered was either Spanish or French and for the most part that wasn’t until you were in high school.  Now kids are being introduced to foreign languages at an earlier age as a way to make it easier for the kids to learn, understand and better incorporate those languages.  I have friends whose kids are now learning not just Spanish and French but also Chinese and Latin.  Now that I have my own kids I wanted to introduce them to a new language as early as possible.  I’ve tried other programs but the one that we have enjoyed the most has been our Little Pim products.  Our first experience with them was when we reviewed their digital download for Chinese.  The kids had a blast learning the new words and exploring the program.

Little Pim

About the Discovery Set:

Our French Discovery Set includes:

  • Three (3) videos: Eating and Drinking; Wake Up Smiling; Playtime (digital or DVD)
  • Plush Little Pim toy
  • Little Pim poster

Starring Little Pim, the lovable panda bear, each video will captivate your child with its combination of animation and real kids.

Each video contains 7 episodes, broken into short 5-minute intervals to keep your child engaged. Your little one will love cuddling with their very own Little Pim plush panda as they watch all 21 episodes together!

My thoughts on the set:

We reviewed the French discovery set.  This set is priced at $34.99 for the digital download, $54.99 for the DVD set with the Plush Pim Panda and a poster.  We loved it just as much as the first set.  I like that the lessons are show in everyday settings so the kids learn better how to apply the words they are learning.  The words are shown as well and they get to hear it several times in each lesson.  The kids absolutely love their Pim Panda and they take him with them everywhere.  Little Pim offers a free demo of any of their eleven languages (Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Portuguese and English -ESL).  We also recently discovered Tri-lingual Book and Plush Set as well.

About the book set:

Price: $49.99

The Trilingual Book & Plush Set includes:

  • Four (4) Little Pim books: ColorsFeelingsAnimals; & Numbers
  • Plush Little Pim panda toy
  • Little Pim poster

All 4 books are in English, with words featured in Spanish and French. Little ones will love reading and learning while cuddling with their own soft plush Little Pim panda toy.

The books weave vocabulary into hide-and-seek stories featuring Little Pim and conclude with a helpful review of the words learned. Pronunciation guides for parents are included.

My thoughts on the book set:

My kids really loved the books just as much as the DVDs.  The really enjoy learning each word in the three different languages and make it fun and exciting to see who gets it right first.  I like that the book is interactive and they can pull up pictures and pull on tabs to learn more and more.  It’s a great gift set to get your kids started with a foreign language while having fun.

About Little Pim:

Little Pim’s award-winning language learning program for kids makes it fun and easy for children to learn a second language. With 11 different languages to choose from, Little Pim can help your child develop a lifelong love of language learning.

Our program includes digital videos, DVDs, flash cards, books, and music CDs to keep kids engaged and entertained as they learn a foreign language.

Being bilingual has become more important than ever. And scientific research shows that learning a foreign language comes naturally for children when they start at an early age. That’s why Little Pim is designed to teach kids a second language at the time they learn best: from ages 0-6.

Little Pim is also the winner of 25 awards.  You can see all their awards here.  You can also connect with Little Pim on Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye out for their holiday e-book that’s due out soon for the holidays.  You can also score 20% off your purchases with coupon code LPHOLIDAY.   You can purchase it online from their store plus Little Pim is available in Toys R Us stores nationwide with their Chinese, French, and Spanish Discovery Sets.


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Lightning Fast French For Kids and Families Review

I love finding fun and creative things to do with my kids.  One of those things is introducing them to foreign languages.  I have brought software, found sites and even sit with them when they are watching shows like Dora so we have fun learning about other languages.  Recently I was given the chance to review the Lightning Fast French for Kids and Families book by Carolyn Woods.  I thought it would take some convincing to get the kids into learning French and getting them started but I was so wrong.  For some reason my four year old son really took to learning French from this book.  He was so excited and happy when he saw it, he asked me about reading it to them before I could get them and sit and start working with them.  We started with some basic words.  I wanted them to get the things they would use often.  We practiced numbers, months, days of the week, seasons and we practiced a conversation about ‘When is Christmas?’ since we were so close to the holidays.  I think the kids were more excited than I was about getting to speak French.

We practiced for about an hour and then I told them we would try again soon.  The very next day my son wanted to ‘speak French’ (his words) again.  He was jumping up and down and bragging to his sister that he got to learn French when she was visiting her grandparents.  We’ve been trying to get practice in at least once a week to help the kids get the words into their memory banks.  I will admit that I am a bit frustrated at my French accent.  I think my mind is so set on hearing French in an accent I don’t think I am saying the words right.  The kids on the other hand don’t have the preconceived notion so they feel great and proud of themselves for practicing and learning all the things they have so far.  I have been working on the lessons first trying to get the words and pronunciation first and then I practice with the kids and try to get them to say the words correctly.  The picture below shows how its broken down to help you with saying the words.

What I also like about the book is that it also has other ways to incorporate French into things your children do already.  For example the book is broken down into conversations about your pet, evening routine, a grocery store trip, family and friends, what day is it, and more.  That way you are using the language right way and in conversation with your kids.  This would be a great tool for homeschooling parents who are introducing foreign languages into their curriculum.   There are also activities in the book like vocabulary practice, crossword puzzles that gives the clue in English form and you write the French form as the answers, and games.  Yes the book even included games for more fun.  Now you kids can play Simon Says in French as well as red light/green light.  There’s so much to do to keep the learning going on and on.

If you’re interested in getting your own copy you can pick it up on Amazon for $14.99 plus shipping.

Disclosure: I was provided the above product for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.

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