Big Dreams, Big Prayers NIV Bible for Kids Review

Big Dreams, Big Prayers NIV Bible for Kids Review

Since I’ve been reviewing books on my blog, one of my favorites to share with my readers is bibles.  Gone are the days when you only had the option of just one plain bible.  When I was growing up in Trinidad we would get the small New Testament that also included Psalms.  Those we kept with us all the time and at home we had the bibles you usually see in hotels.  Nothing like all the beautiful bibles I’ve shared on my blog over the years.  I’m a BookLook Blogger and I received the Big Dreams, Big Prayers NIV Bible for Kids for review purposes, any opinions expressed are my own.

About the Big Dreams, Big Prayers NIV Bible for Kids

Big-Dreams-Big-Prayers-NIV-BibleThe Big Dreams, Big Prayers Bible for Kids, NIV includes the complete New International Version (NIV) of the Bible along with devotions, prayers, and highlighted verses to help kids pray and listen for God’s answers to their prayers. Features include:

  • Presentation page for personalization and gift giving.
  • Devotions about people who prayed and listened to God such as Abraham, Hannah, and Job.
  • The Lord’s Prayer explained for kids.
  • The “hand” prayer model to help kids remember to pray for others and themselves.
  • Highlighted verses great for memorization and meditation.
  • Book introductions explain what each book of the Bible is about.
  • Prayer journaling pages with space to record personal prayers and answers to prayer.
  • Reading plans.
  • Complete text of the New International Version (NIV).

My thoughts on the bible:

I love that this bible is for kids but they don’t take anything out.  There are lots of bibles that are geared towards kids that just use the key bible stories instead of including the entire text.  This includes the entire NIV text of the bible.  In addition to the full text this bible has lots of great features.  I really like the devotionals including with the bible as well.

Also at the beginning of each book of the bible they break down the who, why, what, where, and when of the book.  Each section lets you know who wrote the book and also who’s included in the book as well.  You will also learn why the book was written, when it was written, and where the events in the book happened.  Finally on this page your learn what you will learn about God in that specific book of the bible and what bible stories are included.  It’s a very handy guide.

Another page that I just loved about this bible was the Ten Commandments for Kids.  It was written in a way to help kids really understand them and make them rules they can follow and live by.  The words are average sized so they are not too big or too small.  The actual bible is about the average size of a regular bible.  It doesn’t feel too heavy to me but for some kids it may be a bit heavy.  I would recommend this bible for kids who read well on their own.  Of course we know some of the name and words will be difficult but this would be great for a child between the ages of 8 to 13.  It’s gender neutral so it isn’t geared towards a boy or girl.

Overall this is a great bible.  I would rate it 5 stars.

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Young Women of Faith NIV Bible Review

Young Women of Faith NIV Bible Review

I am a Booklook Blogger and as a member of this club I am given the opportunity to review christian books from leading publishers.  I received this bible for review purposes and any and all opinions are my own.

Title: Young Women of Faith NIV Bible

Author: Susie Shellenberger

Publisher: Zondervan

Published: 2014

ISBN: 9780310730866

Genre: NIV Bible

Pages: 1696

Price: $29.99

About the Young Women of Faith NIV Bible:

Popular study Bible for girls 8 and up, now available in the updated NIV.

Designed to encourage girls ages 8 and up to develop a habit of studying God’s Word, this Bible is filled with engaging features to help them learn more about themselves and their relationship with God. Weekly studies and many of the side notes are linked to the women’s study Bible, the NIV Women of Faith Study Bible, allowing mothers and daughters to share God’s Word together.

Features include:

  • Weekly Bible studies apply biblical truths to life
  • Side notes address difficult passages and offer historical and cultural insights
  • “I Believe” statements of faith and foundational beliefs
  • “Memory Challenges” are verses worth remembering
  • “If I Were There . . .” include Bible stories that place the reader in the Bible character’s situation

You can also take a peek into the bible below

Young Women of Faith Bible, NIV

My thoughts:

I really loved how pretty this bible was formatted and presented.  It would make the perfect gift for a young lady who just got baptized or taken her first communion or something along those lines.  It’s a bright pink color blended with some yellow flowers on the cover.  The pink theme continues throughout the entire bible.  There are the regular sections in addition to bible verses to memorize, stories to help the reader better understand what life was like during those times, and a journal section in addition to other important messages throughout.  The print is just the perfect size so it’s not too hard to read.  At the beginning of each book of the bible there’s key information about who wrote the book, why it was written, when it was written, what happens, favorite chapters, verses and more.  I loved that section the most because you learn much more about what you are going to read.  I wish that was included in adult bibles, because I learned quite a few things myself.

If you’re in the market for a bible for your young princess I suggest you research this bible and I think you may find it to be the perfect one for your young lady.

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A Dad’s Prayers for His Daughter Book Review

A Dad’s Prayers for His Daughter Book Review

Disclosure: I was provided a copy of this book for review purposes.  Any and all opinions expressed are my own.

Title: A Dad’s Prayers for Hid Daughter

Author: Rob & Joanna Teigen

Publisher: Revell

Published: 2014

ISBN: 978-0-800722623

Genre: Religious Life, Prayer Guide

Pages: 187

Price: $10.99

About the book:

From the moment your little girl was born, you knew you were going to be doing a lot of praying. But you may wonder, What exactly should I be praying for?

Now the authors of 88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates show you how to pray for every area of your daughter’s life. Rob and Joanna Teigen give you a strong foundation to build a lifelong habit of prayer for your daughter with a collection of specific prayers you can use to get started right now. They include engaging stories from well-known authors like Joe Stowell, Bill Farrel, Ted Cunningham, Jim Samra, and others. And they explain a bit more of what girls go through growing up, including stress, purity issues, social pressure, modesty challenges, spiritual growth, and more.

Remember: just because you don’t always understand your daughter doesn’t mean that God doesn’t! Start asking for his guidance, protection, and blessings today.

My thoughts:

I’m not a father, my husband would be the best person to write this review but I will share my thoughts with you on this book.  It’s a must for any man who has a daughter.  No matter what her age is all fathers should have this book in their library.  In this world our children are up against so much that they always need prayers for something and with this book you can get a guide to help start you off with those prayers.  I couldn’t believe how many topics they covered in this book for ways a father could prayer for his daughter.  When she is having self-doubt, when she’s planning on dating, going through a storm, honoring her parents, having problems with lying, prayers for addiction, to help her with her walk with God and so much more.  I don’t think there’s a topic that they miss at all.  The Teigens who have three daughters of their own, so you can tell from the prayers they are very personal and ones they probably use with their own children.  I really like the format as well.  Each prayer starts with a bible verse and then the prayer making it easy for you to also incorporate Bible study as well.  All the prayers are just the right length that you can read several of them at once.  The book also contains stories from father’s that are also authors.  Ladies get this for your significant as soon as you find out you are going to be having a daughter and especially father’s of soon to be teen daughters get this book as well.  It’s a great resource and I am glad my husband has it as a guide for praying for our daughter.


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inScribed Book Collection Review

inScribed Book Collection Review


Disclosure: I was provided four books in the inScribed Collection for review purposes.  Any and all opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.

I’ve been reviewing book for Booksneeze for over a year now and I have mostly reviewed bibles.  Recently they made some great changes to their reviewer program and changed the name to BookLook Bloggers.  As a part of the new program some bloggers got the special opportunity to review the first four books in the inScribed Collection.  The inScribed series is a collection of studies by women inspired by Proverbs 3:3.  Each title in the collection focuses on a specific subject matter unique to the needs and issues that women face daily.  Since there are four books to cover I am going to write my review differently.  I am going to share with your the books I received with their descriptions and share my thoughts after each book.  I plan to keep my reviews short since there is so much to share.

Leaving Ordinary by Donna Gaines

The deepest longing of the human heart is to know and be known by God. God longs for an intimate relationship with us as well. But how do we develop that kind of relationship with a holy God? It is one thing to long for such a relationship, but quite another to experience intimacy with Him. In Leaving Ordinary, Donna Gaines shares from her personal experience how prayer can become the channel that links the believer’s heart to the heart of God.

God gave the pattern of the tabernacle to the Israelites. It was a temporary and portable dwelling for His glory. Through it God taught them how to approach and worship Him before He led them to their reward—the promised land. Using the tabernacle and its articles as a guide, Donna teaches readers how to interact with God in that secret place of true intimacy that leads to worship. Your ordinary daily practice of prayer can become an extraordinary encounter with the living Lord. Leaving Ordinary is essential reading for anyone who desires to enter into and experience the reality of God’s presence.

Understanding how to really prayer and worship God is very important to me and digging into this book is helping me grow as a christian.  Gaines does an excellent job of making this book and the content relevant to me today and everyday.  I would say its evergreen content that will always apply.  I really like the idea of becoming much better with my prayers.  This is a great book for any woman who struggles with prayer. Grab a sample chapter by clicking the link.

Living “So That” by Wendy Blight

In today’s world, it’s tough to make everyday decisions, let alone decisions that honor God. Our culture is increasingly driven by selfish desires. However, as Christians, our lives should not be self-centered and static; they should be others-centered and active, making a difference for the Kingdom of God.

Living “So That” is a fresh approach to understanding God’s Word, focusing on many of the powerful “so that” verses in Scripture, including Jesus Came So That. . .; God Spoke So That. . .; Pray So That. . .; Trials Come So That. . . . Through her approachable style, personal examples, and biblical teaching, Wendy equips readers to take what they study in the Word of God and practically live it out in order to impact the world around them. The result is a renewed appreciation for the power and applicability of Scripture. Through practical examples and biblical truths, Wendy helps readers gain a new perspective on daily living, equipping them to apply these biblical truths to present-day decision-making.

Wendy’s book is about helping us make decisions that we can feel good about by pulling the “So That” phrases from the bible.  Everything is organized and all in one place for you to read and apply it.  I am enjoying this book because I am using my bible much more now with it and not just reading what Wendy writes but I am also reading the scriptures and following her ways to apply it to my life.  If you have problems with decision making, especially when it comes to living a life pleasing to God then you want to buy this book.  Download a sample chapter by clicking the link.

Amazed and Confused by Heather Zempel

Most people have prayed for something or someone in earnest, seeking God’s will, only to be left confused by God’s response. Sometimes we ask, “Why would a good God allow bad things to happen to good people?” InAmazed and Confused, Heather Zempel tackles this question head-on by exploring the book of Habakkuk.

When the prophet Habakkuk prayed that God would bring change to the backsliding nation of Israel, this issue came to the forefront. Habakkuk begged God for revival and that He would turn the hearts of faithless people back to Him.

God’s answer to Habakkuk was, “Take a look at the nations and watch what happens! You will be shocked and amazed” (1:5, The Voice). The vision God gave Habakkuk was one of warfare and exile. How do you respond when God answers your prayers in a way that seems out of line with his character and promises?

Amazed and Confused proceeds systematically through the book of Habakkuk, exploring the prophet’s prayer, God’s response, and the prophet’s journey from confusion to worship. This interactive Bible study is the perfect choice for those who are hurting and confused about God’s responses to their prayers.

This book was very personal for me because while I try my best not to question God’s plan, I found  myself doing just that when dealing with my toddler son.  At this point we’re not sure what is wrong with him, if any but he doesn’t speak at all.  He’s almost three and all he does is ramble.  He’s such a handful at times because he loves jumping around, he’s full of energy and he loves making a mess.  Some days I can feel the tears welt up in my eyes out of frustration and that’s why I like this book.  I read it when I am overwhelmed and I want to be reminded that in my confusion there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Everyone needs to pick up a copy of this book.  You can download a sample chapter by clicking the link.

Dive Deeper by Jenifer Jernigan

Equip yourself to fall deeply in love with God’s Word through this unique, interactive Bible study. Delving into the book of Ephesians, Dive Deeper is a tool for women—those who might be satisfied and content with their Bible study and for those who find themselves fearful or numb—to dive deeper into the living and active Word of God.

Dive Deeper comes from Jenifer Jernigan’s heart. As a preacher’s daughter, she grew up with some pretty heavy expectations to live up to. Jenifer found herself becoming numb to the things of God because the Bible stories were all too familiar. She longed to break through the serene surface of her safe place and dive deeper into scripture. She wanted to fall in love with the stories she knew so well. Over time, Jenifer learned to do just that. Her unique methods are shared in this one-of-a-kind study. Dive Deeper takes readers by the hand and jumps with them into the exhilarating waters of Bible study.

I’m not really a big fan of bible study at church but I want to spend more time studding the bible and learning and understanding more about the word of God.  This book really helps you to dive deeper in the word of God and be able to take more from the scriptures.  I would recommend this book to anyone.  Especially someone who is going into ministry.  This is one book that you’ll go to over and over again.  You can download a sample chapter by clicking the link.

You can also check out this video to see some more about the collection.  If you are looking for something great to read and get you on track with God then I suggest you invest in this collection of books, especially if you’re a woman.


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Jesus & Me Bible Storybook Review/Giveaway

Jesus & Me Bible Storybook Review/Giveaway


Disclosure: I was provided a copy of the book below for review purposes.  Any and all opinions expressed are my own.

As a Tommy Nelson Mommy I get access to great Christian books and DVDs for my children.  One of the most recent ones was the Jesus & Me Bible Storybook.  I love the books from Tommy Nelson because they serve a great purpose and that’s introducing my children to God and his son Jesus.  I really enjoy sharing this book with my children because of three key features of the book.  It includes a scripture at the beginning of the story.  Each story has it’s own personal scripture.  It includes the story that is written so that children can understand the story.  The third feature that I like is the “Jesus & Me” section of each story.  It incorporates Jesus into the lives of either the person the story was about or your children’s lives.  It’s a cute book for kids and would make a great gift for anytime of the year.

Title: Jesus & Me Bible Storybook

Author: Stephens Elkins

Publisher: Tommy Nelson

Published: 2014

ISBN: 978-1400323692

Genre: Children’s

Pages: 144

Price: $14.99

About the Book:

Open Your Child’s Heart to the Amazing Love of Jesus 

Getting to know Jesus means more than just telling His stories. It means building a lifelong relationship with the Lord. The Jesus and Me Bible Storybook begins that relationship by revealing the amazing—and personal—love of the Savior for each of His children.

Bestselling author Stephen Elkins retells these stories of Jesus, beginning with the earliest prophecies of His birth and continuing all the way through to His resurrection and ascension. Special “Jesus and Me” devotionals help children apply the Savior’s truths to their own lives, while sweet, simple prayers encourage them to always look to the Lord. With the Jesus and Me Bible Storybook, your child will discover . . .

the adventure of a life of faith!

Features & Benefits:

  • Includes stories from Jesus’ life and brief devotions for preschoolers
  • Written by bestselling author Stephen Elkins
  • Beautiful art from renowned illustrator Claudine Gévry

You can read a sample from the book below:

[scribd id=196965431 key=key-u4esgyy5miq43ugqvxd mode=scroll]

Tommy Nelson Mommy is giving one lucky reader a chance to win both books.  The giveaway runs from now and ends on March 11th @ 11:59 PM, open to US residents that are 18 or older.  Enter via the tool below.  Good Luck.

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Graceful Gabby Book Review

Graceful Gabby Book Review


Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of this book for review purposes.  Any and all opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.

I love good children’s books and I really enjoyed reading Crystal Marable’s Graceful Gabby.  The book is about a little girl who is excited to have her Grand Ma-Ma come visit and see her newly decorated room.  When he Grand Ma-Ma arrives though and Gabby shows her the room she complains about the color of the walls.  Gabby’s Grand Ma-Ma quickly tells her that her room is perfect because it’s filled with love and encourages her to look around the room for ways her parents showed their love for her.  Soon Gabby could find love all over her room and learned that she is loved greatly.  This is such a cute story and I loved having my daughter read it to us and her siblings.  The book has a great lesson for kids about ways they can help their parents by doing chores, cleaning up after themselves and more.  The book is written so that children can easily understand the story and the lesson.  My first grader was able to read it all by herself with very little help.  The graphics is bright, bold and colorful.  This book would make a great Easter gift or a just because gift.  We loved it in our house and give it five stars.

GracefulGabbyTitle: Graceful Gabby Finds Love in Blue

Author: Crystal Marable

Publisher: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform

Published: 2013

ISBN: 978-1492757481

Genre: Children’s

Pages: 44

Price: $9.99

About the book:

Graceful Gabby is excited about her new room, but she’s disappointed that everything in her new room is not “pinky” perfect. Come along with Graceful Gabby as she learns about the Fruit of the Spirit. With the help of her Grand Ma-Ma, Graceful Gabby learns to recognize and share the special gift of love with others and to appreciate the love of family.

About the author:

CrystalMarableCrystal Marable has had a love for writing since she was a young teenager writing poetry and keeping a daily journal. She also has a heart and a desire to encourage and motivate girls to succeed in their lives. She encourages the development of positive thinking, positive knowing and positive doing. Crystal created the Graceful Girlz children’s book series to inspire our next generation of girls to develop in integrity, character and self-esteem. Also, to teach Christian values that will last a lifetime and inspire them to live as girls of grace, continually growing into graceful young ladies. It is her vision that these books will inspire our girls to display in their own lives, as well as share with others, the Fruit of the Spirit that God gives us: love, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, patience, goodness, faithfulness and self-control; changing the world by celebrating the gifts within.

You can also view the book trailer below.  The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

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Every Day A Blessing Devotional Review

Every Day A Blessing Devotional Review


Disclosure: I was provided a copy of the book below for review from Tommy Nelson Mommy and they sponsored the copy for the giveaway.  Any and all opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.

I’ve already shared two great devotionals from Tommy Nelson with you and I am sharing the last one that I got to review from them.  This devotional is great for kids ages six to ten years old.  Unlike the Princess devotional that I shared which is just for girls this one is perfect for both boys and girls so if you have multiple children and this is the perfect devotional to pick up and share with all of them.  This one I gifted to my son but when my husband reads it to him we also include my daughter as well.  What I love about this devotional is at the end of each day it gives your child/children a task to do.  For example on one day it says to share your skills to bless someone’s day, play hide and seek with a friend, draw a picture of yourself with a smile, and many other encouraging things to not only reinforce the message from that day but I think it helps them get a true understanding of what they read or was read to them.  It’s a very colorful and fun devotional.  It’s small and lightweight so it’s good for traveling and sleep overs.  There’s a ribbon marker so they don’t lose their progress and it’s not dated so they can start it when ever they like.  It’s a great gift for kids for any occasion as a reminder of God’s Love and how they too can be a blessing to others and themselves.

About the Every Day A Blessing Devotional:

Spend an entire year of discovering God’s blessings, and develop a lifetime of gratitude.

God loves everyone, and one way He shows His love is through showering us with blessings! Whether it’s with parents who love us, warm sunshine, or the ultimate blessing of His Son, Jesus, God’s love is everywhere. When kids see that God is the source of all blessings, it reminds them that all gifts truly do come from God.

Children will learn to not only see God’s blessings in happy days, but to see His loving hand in hard days as well. Developing a habit of giving thanks in all circumstances will lead children to a lifelong spirit of gratitude.

Each devotion features Scripture and a bite-sized message that will keep the attention of young minds. Devotions also have a takeaway to help children engage with the message and apply its meaning to their lives.

Features & Benefits:

  • Helps kids realize how richly they are blessed
  • Adorable art by Carolina Farías, illustrator of the Jesus Calling® Bible Storybook
  • Scriptures and takeaways help develop a spirit of thankfulness early in life
  • Kids will learn that life doesn’t have to be perfect for them to see God’s blessings and love for them
  • Helps kids realize that all their blessings come from God

You can purchase the Every Day A Blessing Devotional online in the Tommy Nelson store for $16.99.  You can preview it below:

blessings giveawa

One reader will win a copy of this devotional.  You must be a US resident and be 18 or older to enter.  The giveaway ends January 31st.  Enter via the tool below and be sure to share.  Good Luck.

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One God One Plan One Life Devotional Review & Giveaway

One God One Plan One Life Devotional Review


Disclosure: I am a Tommy Nelson Mommy and I receive the book below for review and they also provide one for a giveaway.  Any and all opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.

Personally I don’t have any children that are teens but my oldest nephew is a freshman in high school and his first semester was rough.  He was a victim of a very vicious attack that has truly broken his spirits and left him feeling quite down for some time now.  He was attacked and robbed on his way home from school before Thanksgiving and since then he’s been even more withdrawn and detached.  When I got this devotional I knew it was going to be a gift for him for Christmas.  He needs his spirit lifted.  He needs to connect with God again and find the strength to be strong and over come that tragic event.  This devotional was perfect to help him find strength when he needed it and help him connect  with God again.  I think this would make a great gift for any teen to have on hand at all times.  Teens face some of the biggest challenges dealing with peer pressure, bullying, changes in their body and so much more.  This devotional is a reminder of God’s love.

one god devotional

About the One God One Plan One Life Devotional:

One of America’s favorite pastors, Max Lucado offers his first 365 devotional for teens, encouraging them to trust God and His perfect plan for their lives.

Life is hard, and today’s teens could use daily guidance and reassurance that God is with them, through it all and despite it all. In One God, One Plan, One Life, bestselling author Max Lucado offers teens an accessible way to connect with their Lord. Daily devotions address such topics as faith and obedience but also offer wisdom on topics that teens battle, such as purity, bullying, alcohol and drug use, and self-image. Each day includes a short devotion and accompanying scripture as well as a take-away application that will inspire and challenge teens to trust in God and His plans for them.

One God, One Plan, One Life helps teens to cut through life’s distractions and rely on the one thing that is truly important—a relationship with God.

Features & Benefits:

  • Max’s first 365 devotional for teens and tweens
  • 365 scriptures, devotional thoughts, and life-shaping applications
  • Encourages daily quiet time and developing a personal relationship with God

You can purchase the One God One Plan One Life Devotional online for the Thomas Nelson website for $15.99, you can also check out a preview below.

one god giveaway

One reader will win a copy of this amazing devotional for their teen.  You must be 13 or older to enter and a resident of the United States.  Entrants under the age of 18 must get parents permission to enter.  The giveaway will end on January 31st.  Enter via the tool below and be sure to share the giveaway.  Good Luck!


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God’s Little Princess Bedtime Devotional Review & Giveaway

God’s Little Princess Bedtime Devotional Review


Disclosure: I am a Tommy Nelson Mommy and I was provided the book below for review.  Any and all opinions are my own and have not been influenced.

It’s a new year and that means it’s a great time to get started with a new Devotional.  As I replaced the ones for my husband and myself I was happy that we had some to share with the kids this year thanks to Tommy Nelson Mommy.  One of the devotionals I got to review as the God’s Little Princess Bedtime Devotional by Sheila Walsh.  It’s so pretty and just the right size for kids.  It’s small so the can take it with them when they go to their grand parent’s house as well.  It’s over 200 pages but it’s not heavy or bulky either.  It’s a great gift for girls ages 5 – 7.  Since this devotional isn’t dated you can gift it any time during the year for any occasion.  I gave my daughter her’s for Christmas.  The plan was to have either my husband or I read it to her at bedtime.  We encourage reading our house but some books go over better than others.  I didn’t know how she would like it but to my surprise it’s the only book she wants read to her at night since Christmas.  It gave my heart even more joy to find her reading it on her own in the bathroom on morning while she was getting ready for school.  That’s why I love sharing these books with my children to help build their love for Jesus.  Your little girl is going to love this one as well.

About God’s Little Princess Bedtime Devotional:

A great combination of bedtime theme, encouraging and age-appropriate devotions, and the bestselling God’s Little Princess® brand, all wrapped up in a creative, sparkly cover is, sure to be a hit.

Bedtime means special moments to share between a parent and daughter, and God’s Little Princess Bedtime Devotional will help settle her heart and mind as she heads to bed. Bestselling author Sheila Walsh offers 106 daily devotions: each with a scripture, a short thought, a rhyming prayer, and a “Good Night Giggles and Grace” activity that will send every little princess off to bed full of smiles, feeling loved and secure.

Features & Benefits:

  • Sparkly, embellished cover that girls will love
  • Combines the popular princess and the bestselling bedtime themes
  • 106 devotions, prayers, scriptures, and inspirational thoughts
  • Adorable full-color art throughout
  • More than 2.8 million products sold in the God’s Little Princess® brand

You can purchase the book in the Thomas Nelson store on the God’s Little Princess Bedtime Devotional page, it costs $14.99.  Check out a preview below.

princess giveaway

The best part to being a Tommy Mommy is being able to give one of these away to a lucky reader.  The giveaway ends on January 31st and it’s open to resident of the US only.  You must be 18 or older to enter, use the tool below and share if you know someone who would love to have this book.  Good Luck!

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The NIV Ragamuffin Bible Review

The NIV Ragamuffin Bible Review

Disclosure: I am a member of Book Sneeze.  I was provided this Bible for review.  Any and all opinions expressed are my own.

Title: NIV Ragamuffin Bible

Author: Brennan Manning

Publisher: Zondervan Publishing

Published: 2013

ISBN: 9780310405238

Genre: Meditations Bible

Pages: 1472

Price: $34.99 (Hardcover) $4.99 (epub)  – Purchase it online.

About the Bible:

Do you believe that God not only loves you, but that he also likes you?

It’s just one of the soul-searching questions posed by bestselling author Brennan Manning who confesses he has been ‘John the beloved, Peter the coward, and Thomas the doubter all before the waitress brought the check.’

The NIV Ragamuffin Bible offers a collection of Manning’s raw, painfully honest, yet grace-filled devotions, meditations, and reflections of his journey limping back to—like the prodigal son—his overjoyed father. When you journey through this Bible, you will likewise find yourself returning to your Heavenly Father, basking in the knowledge that God not only loves you, he delights in you.


  • Complete text of the world’s most popular modern-English Bible, the NIV
  • 104 Devotions guide you into a deeper connection to God and his Word
  • 250 Reflections help you understand what it means to be a child of God
  • 150 Quotes offer short but thoughtful insights into God’s kingdom

My thoughts:

The subtitle of this bible says it all – “For the Bedraggled, Beat-Up & Brokenhearted.”  You really don’t have to say much at all after reading a title like that.  Who hasn’t been there before in their lives.  All people at some point or another in their life go through problems and obstacles that leave us feeling beat up or brokenhearted and at times we may even lose faith.  We can’t see the light or we need some help to get back to a better place.  This is the bible for all of us.  You don’t want to wait till you need it to buy it, you get this not and leave it in your library so if you or anyone you know ever needs it, it’s right there for you.  Yes this includes the full text of the bible but you are going to enjoy the extras and that’s what makes this bible a must have in my opinion.  Gift this bible to anyone you know that needs to find their way again.


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The 21 Toughest Questions

The 21 Toughest Questions Book Review

Disclosure: I was provided a copy of this book for review from Tyndale Blog Network.  Any and all opinions are my own and have not been influenced.

Title: The 21 Toughest Questions Your Kids Will Ask About Christianity

Author: Alex McFarland

Publisher: Tyndale

Published: 2013

ISBN: 978-1-58997-678-8

Genre: Family and Relationships, Parenting

Pages: 288

Price: $13.99

 About the book:

University apologist, director, and popular speaker Alex McFarland has spent the last two decades answering questions about Christian worldview and the Bible from children, teens, and parents. In The 21 Toughest Questions Your Kids Will Ask about Christianity, he summarizes questions today’s children and teens are asking about God, the Bible, and the problem of evil.

Alex’s experiences have taught him that how adults answer questions about God is as important as, if not more important than, what kids ask. He provides parents with teaching strategies that will help them reach their children intellectually and spiritually. Today’s kids and teens are looking for authenticity, integrity, and straightforward truth. Alex comes alongside parents and gives them tools to effectively answer not only their children’s toughest academic questions but also the questions that plague their hearts.

My thoughts:

When I got the opportunity to review this book I jumped at the chance because just the title alone drew me in.  As a Christian I too have had questions about religion that I haven’t gotten answers that seemed to work for me.  After reading the first five pages I could tell that I was going to not only get information to share with my children but I could also learn some things for myself.  One thing I’ve always been told about having faith is that you are not to question God, the Bible or anything about it and at times it just leads to more confusion and questions instead of helping me build a stronger faith or belief in the bible.  It seems that when hard times and trouble hits is when we are doubtful and questioning the most.  This is a must have for any family for their book shelf.  It’s not just about finding answers for your children but finding answers that could help anyone when you have a question about Christianity.

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Rainbows for Rainy Days

Rainbows for Rainy Days Book Review

Title: Rainbows for Rainy Days

Author: Catherine Campbell

Publisher: Monarch Books

Published: 2013

ISBN: 978-0-85721-289-4

Genre: Devotional

Pages: 95

Price: $12.99

About the book & author:

Catherine Campbell’s experience as a nurse and as the mother of two girls who both inherited a rare genetic condition that required constant care until their deaths at ages 10 and 13 has given her a unique insight into suffering. As an inspirational speaker, she frequently encounters people with tragic stories. And yet she believes that God is Lord and that in both good times and bad, He is always good.
Isaiah 40:31 says, that “those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles.” Campbell comments:
 How often have you wakened in the morning knowing that the problem, or the pain, or the unpaid bill has not disappeared? We worry and fret ourselves into exhaustion. Yet God has promised us endurance.
 The great eagle cannot reach the heights merely by its own strength. As it spreads its impressive wings the bird allows the wind to carry it to places no other bird can go. This kind of flying appears effortless because the eagle trusts in a power bigger than itself . . . the wind!
In this unique devotional, Catherine examines different aspects of God’s love for those times when life gets hard. Perfect for anyone needing encouragement in difficult times, Rainbows for Rainy Days gently shows readers how to turn pain over to Him.

My thoughts:

I love picking up devotionals because not only do I get scripture from the bible but I also get some kind of insight from the author.  I have to say that Rainbows for Rainy Days if one of my favorites of all time.  I promise there isn’t a day, emotion, feeling, anything at all that this devotional doesn’t cover.  There are only forty but they will carry you through all the days you need them.  Even if you revisit them again you can gain another perspective in the same words or find something you missed the first time.  Just reading about Catherine and her life, immediately reminds me that when I think my life is so bad, that someone may have it or had it worst than me.  Campbell has poured her heart into this book to help others get though those days when we feel like we are down and out and we can’t see anything but the rainy blues.  I was really drawn into the second devotional in the book as it talks about the word “WHY”.  It seems like a simple word but reading how Catherine shares about how much we use this word to question everything when all seems lost.  She found a great way to remind you in the end that we need to remember the light at the end of the tunnel or the rainbow that comes after the storm.  This whole book is a beautiful and uplifting way to inspire and remind us of God when we need those reminders the most.

It would make a great book for anyone.  You could give it to both men and women.  Every family should have a copy of this book in their homes.  It’s a perfect gift to give when you know someone is going through some troubles and they could use some light in their lives.  This book is a blessing to me, my family and it will be to you and yours as well.  You can connect with Catherine on Facebook to keep up with her and all her amazing work and inspiring story.

Disclosure: I was provided this book for review from Kregel Publications.  Any and all opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.

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Bitesize Biographies: John Newton

Bitesize Biographies: John Newton Review

John-NewtonTitle: Bitesize Biographies: John Newton

Author: John Crotts

Publisher: EP Books

Published: 2013

ISBN: 978-0-85234-908-3

Genre: Religious History/Biography

Pages: 128

Price: $11.99

About the book:

The people who know John Newton’s name often only know one or two things about him. They recognize that he authored one of the most popular hymns of all time, Amazing Grace . The other thing they sometimes know is that he was a slave ship captain before he wrote that hymn. Those facts are true, but there is a great deal more to his story!

My sister and husband are both huge history buffs, they love learning about people and events of the past.  I have to say that I really enjoyed reading this book for one main reason it’s small.  I didn’t have to read a 1000 page book to learn so much more about John Newton.  You are probably familiar with him because of the song “Amazing Grace”, but this book helps you see more about this man and bring the words of that song into perspective as to why he probably penned it and all his other hymns.  Raised by a christian mother who was teaching him to have faith and invite Christ into his heart at a young age.  However when his mother died he started on a path to denying Jesus and living a life far from what his mother taught him.

This book is a great reminder that even when we think God has forsaken us when we are hit with troubles and we chose to turn away from him instead of to him, that is does not forsake us as at all.  Newton met and fell in love with a girl that he married eight years later, his love for this woman was with him in some troubling times.  When Newton ended up working with a partner on the West Coast of Africa helping with the slave trade he himself ended up being enslaved.  He was mistreated and starved, finally he was released to a new boss and that man treated him better.  Surprisingly after his own brush with slavery he ended up being a captain of a slave ship himself.  There was one line in the book that grabbed my heart, it read – “Newton marked March 10 as the day God began to blast away at his granite heart.”  How profound to be reminded that God is always working on us even when we don’t see it.  Slowly we see the transition from a sinner to a Christian, a minister, the creation of the hymns and letters.

I would give this book five stars because it’s such a smooth and easy read and it provides so much insight into a life that we barely know about while reminding of faith and the grace of God.

Disclosure:  I was provided a copy of this book for review from Cross Focused Reviews.  I was not required to provide a positive review and any and all opinions expressed are my own.


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Teaching My Children About Virtues

Disclosure: I was provided a sample for review from We Choose Virtues (WCV).  Any and all opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.

My children attend public school and it’s a decision that both my husband and I sometimes wish we could make differently.  When our oldest started school she attended a Lutheran school and even though we are not Lutheran we loved the  idea of her learning about God and what he wants for us in school.  Now that we have two children in school I know that there are areas we have to work on at home that’s either very limited or non-existent in a public school setting.  That’s why I always teaching my children about virtues and now I have help in that task as well.  We Choose Virtues created by Heather McMillian has all the tools and resources I need to help my children learn and grow into productive members of society.

My children are ages 5, 4 and 1.5 so when I got my kit it was perfect for our age group.  I believe this is a great age to get your children started with learning about their charater and what it means to be good people.  The first thing that Heather suggests you do to get started is to take the Family Character Assessment, since my children are younger I helped them with this process.  It was grueling.  LOL.  We all wanted to give ourselves high marks but we were honest and fairly marked ourselves in each area and then started working on the ones that needed the most work.  You can grab your own free copy of the assessment and see the areas your children may need work in developing.

Aside from the areas on the card we were working on I know I wanted my children to work on being Kind and Obedient.  WCV offers a poster that is centered around three key rules for character development.  They are: Obey – Be Kind – Be A Helper.  With those three virtues to start there’s no way you can go wrong in teaching your children about being good citizens in all areas of their lives.  I was sent a set of Virtue Flash Cards for Families.   These beautifully illustrated cards feature a virtue on the front and on the back it has a catchphrase, antonyms and (on my NIV version) a bible verse to memorize.  My cards are the NIV version but you can also purchase the King James and Public School versions as well.  The Public School option does not feature bible verses for memorization.

Parenting Cards Set

Other items that can be used as a part of WCV line are:

  • Parenting Cards: include the name of our featured “Virtue Kid” with an inspiring story, a Virtue users challenge, “What to say after ‘I’m sorry'”, the Virtue catchphrase, antonyms for the Virtue, and a Bible memory verse…all to help you Simply Inspire Character that Lasts.  Priced at $34.99
  • Kids of VirtueVille Coloring pages: Color all the virtue kids.  Priced at $3.00
  • Butterfly Award: To award your child for constantly displaying virtues.
  • Memory Verses, Bible Heroes and Truths: To help with building character and additional bible education.  Free Download.
  • And much more…

You can also pick up one of the different kits that feature products based on the kit and your needs.  The Home Schooling Kit comes with just about everything in the program.  It’s priced at $98.99 but if you use coupon code HOME20 for the rest of March and all of April you can save 20% off your purchase.  If that is out of your budget you can also purchase the Parent’s Kit, priced at $69.98 and use coupon code VIRTUE15 to save 15% off your purchases.  If you need help deciding be sure to visit their product comparison page to learn more about the different options.  Also connect with We Choose Virtues on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

With our new products in hand we are all set and ready to learn more about character and being great citizens as a family unit.  It’s not just our children but it helps remind my husband and I both of things and areas we can improve on.  These tools are great for all parents whether your children are home schooled or if they attend public school like mines.  It’s also great for church Sunday Schools.  Also because there are different versions they would make great gifts for your grand-kids, nieces, nephews, pretty much any child in your life.  The best part is that with prices starting at Free to $98.99 there is something for everyone.  I hope you stop by their site and give something a try.




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