Jump Start Your Fitness Journey with Fitbit Charge HR

Jump Start Your Fitness Journey with Fitbit Charge HR

Last month was National Men’s Health and since my husband has been keeping up with his promise to himself about taking care of his health and staying on top of things I figured a fitness tracker would be something great for him to try out.  AT&T reached out to me about trying the Fitbit Charge HR for a couple weeks and sharing my thoughts with my readers.  I immediately knew it was the perfect opportunity to see how well it would work for him.

We received two Fitbit Charge HR devices to test out for three weeks.  We were supposed to challenge one another for the three weeks but for some odd reason the device wouldn’t connect to my husband’s phone so he ended up just using the one I connected to my phone.  Getting started was very easy for me.  I downloaded the Fitbit app in the app store.  Once it was installed I followed the steps to connect my phone and the Fitbit Charge.

The FitBit app lets you view your progress on the dashboard, record workouts, share and compete with friends, log food, earn badges, and help you achieve better sleep.  Navigating the app is very easy and you can customize different options to make your FitBit more personal to you.  The app lets you add a greeting name to your Fitbit, and you can also change the layout of your dashboard.

Did you know you can also access your Fitbit dashboard on your desktop computer?  You can get a much bigger picture of your health and everything you need to get you on the right track.


There were quite a few features I really enjoyed with the Fitbit Charge HR.  I didn’t know it worked with my iPhone 6 Plus to give me caller ID information directly on my wrist when my phone wasn’t near me.  The battery life was amazing.  I charged it once a week, that’s amazing and better than any other fitness trackers we’ve tried in the past.  I could quickly check my pulse rate on my wrist in a matter of seconds. The Fitbit Charge HR automatically recognizes when you’re exercising and tracks it in the app.  It can even tell when you’re been climbing stairs, tracks active minutes, and when you’re stationary.

The Fitbit Charge HR comes in three different sizes, small, large, and x-large for various wrist lengths.  You can use the device when working out since it’s sweat proof, however don’t take it swimming.  The Fitbit Charge HR makes a great gift and it was perfect for my husband when he was working out at the gym.  He really helped  him improve his sleep quality during the three weeks we had it and I’m sure he’s going to add it to his Christmas wish list this year, if we don’t get him one sooner.

To learn more about the Fitbit Charge HR visit your local AT&T store, or check out their online store for more fitness gadgets.  The Fitbit Charge HR has a MSRP of $149.