Hope Paige Medical Bracelets Review

Hope Paige Medical Bracelets Review


Disclosure: I was provided a medical ID bracelet for review in exchange for this post.  Any and all opinions are my own and have not been influenced.

Recently my father has been experiencing some medical problems.  To us it seems like out of the blue he started to experience seizures.  He’s never had them before in his life and within a month he’s had three.  The third left him with a broken right shoulder, it was shattered during his third episode and that lead to two major surgeries in less than six days.  After the second seizure I started to do research and realized that his health condition could be life long and it affected out entire family.  Ever notice when you visit the doctor’s office they ask about your family history?  What about if you are suffering from some sort of medical condition, how many people are aware of your condition?  If you were out alone and something happened how would people know about your medical conditions?  Medical ID Bracelets has been the standard for people with certain medical conditions.  Hope Paige Medical ID Bracelets has taken them to a whole new level.

Hope Paige has a variety of medical ID bracelets on their site.  They include the regular stainless steel link bracelets, charm bracelets, beaded leather, pave crystals, rubber, braided, snap banks, write on, and even gold and silver bracelets.  They have something for everyone.  Products for men, women, teens, and kids.


These would make a great gift for any breast cancer patient or survivor especially with Breast Cancer Awareness Month coming up in October.  Since I am currently expecting I got a pregnancy related bracelet.  You can have the bracelets engraved with your name, birth date, blood type, allergies or any other important health related information so medical personnel can better serve you if you need medical attention.


The bracelet arrived in this packaging.

It was nicely wrapped up and safe.  I’ve worn my bracelet just about every day since I received it.  I have even showered with it on my wrist.  It’s super cute and stylish and even though my baby bump is showing some women don’t have big bumps at all so a bracelet like this is a great idea.  You could have it engraved with a due date to make it an even extra special gift.  Mines is blue since I am having a boy.


People with the following conditions should wear medical ID jewelry

diabetes | epilepsy | autism | allergies: food peanut penicillin medication | coumadin | warfarin

heart disease | pacemaker | asthma | COPD | stroke | cancer | multiple sclerosis | dialysis

lung disease | ADD/ADHD | alzheimer’s | high blood pressure | children with special needs

Right now Hope Paige is offering a discount on all orders.  Use code “BabyBliss” for 15% off your order until 10/14/2013.


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