What’s the Hubbub – Spooksville

What’s the Hubbub – Spooksville



Earlier this week I participated in my second What’s the Hubbub with my fellow Hub Club bloggers.  We had the opportunity to sit and chat with show start Keean Johnson (Adam) and Jim Krieg (Head Writer) of Spooksville to chat about the show, other projects and life in general.  It was an hour of laughs and we learned a lot from the guys.  I truly enjoyed chatting with them and I hope you take the time to check out the entire chat.  I’ll share some of the things we talked about in my post as well.  Just like the last time I was the first blogger to get to ask a question to the guys and from the start I could tell it was going to be a fun hour.

Ted introduced the guys and immediately got to questions.  Ted introduced me and I said hi to the guys.  Jim jumped right in and said hi and asked “Are you La-fem Nakita?”  We all laugh and I say no, he then says “Oh you sound deadly, beautiful and deadly!”  LOL – see what a way to start the show.  However I will take that compliment because Jim is the mastermind behind a lot of awesome shows including Clueless, Monk, and several versions of Scooby-Doo.  My first question for the guys was  about their favorite episode of the show.  Jim said that it was hard because they’re all his baby but as I asked the question one popped into his head and it’s “The Thing in the Closet”.  He said it’s the first where the comedy just exploded on the show and there was nothing not good in it.  Keean said his favorite is “Phone Fear” he loved it because they filmed in the woods, and he got to run a lot and he did some stunts in the episode.  Jim asked me what was my favorite episode and was it one he written.  I went with Phone Fear as well because my kids loved it so much.

Next Keean was asked about a scene in the show that really scared him and she shared about a scene in the pilot episode that did scare him.  Tori of the TV Mom asked Keean asked how has things changed since the show aired.  He said it’s been awesome and seeing the pilot and the reaction by the audience he really loved that.  Another blogger wanted to know what urban myth they wanted to see get the Spooksville spin.  Jim said he had some ideas but he was keeping it hush and Keean couldn’t think of one at the moment.  Susan of Susan’s Disney Family asked Keean about how different it was being on stage as to being on a set.  He said it’s completely different.  He said being on film is a lot more intimate, he really liked that he took the jump to film so he can go on location and film with a few people.  Katie asked how has life treated him since the premiere.  He said just in the best way possible.  He liked being apart of the show and having the nicest fans and things like that.   Nathan asked about Christoper Pike feelings about the show.  Jim said he talked with him a couple of times and he didn’t really talk about the show but he did express frustration over other projects not taking off.



You can check out the rest of our chat below and be sure to follow Keean @keeanjohnson & Jim @Jim_Krieg on Twitter and live tweet with them on Saturdays during the show.  They love hearing from fans.  You can also see the episodes set to air this month for Spooksville.  Plus make sure you check back next month when we’ll be chatting with talent from My Little Pony so if you’re a fan you don’t want to miss that.

Spooksville airs – (Saturdays, 5:00 p.m. ET)

April 5 – “Blood Drive”: A high school blood drive becomes a quest for fresh blood by a 500-year-old vampire. As a result, Adam and Principal Blackwater must fight back to restore the newly-turned student vampires back into humans. 

April 12 – “Fathers and Sons”: A wilderness camping trip turns from tranquil to terror when Adam, George, Watch and Sgt. Dugan encounter a large creature wreaking havoc on their campsite. 

April 19 – “Gnome Alone”: Sally finds herself alone in her house and under siege by an army of deadly living lawn gnomes. 

April 26 – “Oh Monster, My Monster”: When he stumbles upon Frankenstein’s Monster, Watch uses the creature to stand up to his bullies. Meanwhile, Adam tries to pass his driver’s test with a ghastly instructor.

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