Fun Times for Young Kids at Dutch Wonderland #DutchWonderland #Travel

Fun Times for Young Kids at Dutch Wonderland

My family and I have visited Lancaster, PA quite a few times in the past, we’ve driven past Dutch Wonderland many times but had never made real plans to visit.  Recently the park reached out to me about visiting with my family and I knew it would be a great summer adventure for the family.

dutch wonderland

We jumped into the 2016 Kia Sedona we were driving that week thanks to Drive Shop and Kia.  It was perfect for road tripping to Lancaster.  One of the first things I immediately loved about Dutch Wonderland is the parking price.  General parking was just $5, which is very affordable compared to other parks we’ve visited.  They also offer a preferred parking option for families looking to park closer to the park.

Dutch Wonderland (1)

The walk wasn’t that far away for us so we choose the cheaper parking and got started with our short walk over to the entrance of the park.

Dutch Wonderland (58)

Dutch Wonderland (53)

While walking to the entrance we found this poster about the drink cups at Dutch Wonderland.  We love these cups because it’s cheaper if you plan to have more than one drink per visit.  We got the kids toddler cups because it was cheaper and they didn’t need the really big cups.  Since we have four children we paid about $20 with taxes for drink cups for the kids.  Even if we don’t make it back to the park ever they can still use them at home.

Dutch Wonderland (49)

Our selfie game was not on fleek.  LOL, we failed at trying to take one of the family walking across the parking lot into the park.

Dutch Wonderland (50)

Dutch Wonderland (51)

Once you clear the entrance area, you walk right through the gift shop area and head to the ticketing area.  After picking up our tickets we headed into the park.  We started with getting the kids measured up to make sure we knew what rides they could ride at the park.

Dutch Wonderland (2)

Dutch Wonderland is truly a kids park so they make sure to cater to their consumer base.  There are rides for families, but there is a nice amount for younger children.  Most of the rides even our two year old could ride with an adult.  Some rides required an adult for the older kids as well.  There is also a water park area at Dutch Wonderland.

Dutch Wonderland (52)

Our first stop was the Wonderland Special Train. It’s right at the entrance of the park so it was easy to hop in the short line and wait.  It’s a great way to spy a large portion of the park and see what rides you want to tackle for the day.

Next we tried a flying ride called Kite Flight.  The older kids were excited about riding and then our five-year old wanted to ride it.  I wasn’t sure how he would do with his Autism.  He was scared a little, so I held his hand and he started to laugh and enjoy the ride.  He kept his eyes close but he loved it enough to want to ride a second time.

Dutch Wonderland (9)

Dutch Wonderland (31)

We took a relaxing ride on the Monorail since it’s one or our favorite rides.  It’s another great way to see the park and rides you plan to ride.  That’s how we found a few of the water rides we choose that day.

Dutch Wonderland (23)

Dutch Wonderland (3)

Dutch Wonderland (4)

Sky Ride is a fun way to catch a one way ride from the front to the back of park or vice versa.  We couldn’t do it because we had our youngest in a stroller but it’s a great way to get some one section to the other in the park.

Dutch Wonderland (5)
Snapped this while riding the train

We didn’t catch any Dutch Wonderland shows while visiting the park, however new this year the park unveiled two live shows hosted by the characters.  When the park closes at 8:30 PM you can visit Celebration Theatre for Princess Brooke’s Kingdom Celebration.  A Royal Fiasco takes place daily at 12:30, 2:30, and 6:30 PM, this interactive show is a great way to meet some of your favorite Dutch Wonderland Characters.

Dutch Wonderland (8)

I know the fake horse may be confusing however Dutch Wonderland does offer actual Pony Rides for kids in the park.  It does has an additional fee that’s not included in your admission price into the park.

Dutch Wonderland (7)

Dutch Wonderland also offers quite a few game for kids and adults to enjoy as well.  I recommend checking out a games package at the front gate to save on games if you’re visiting with your family.  It’s cheaper to buy the package instead of paying for individual games.

We had so much fun visiting Exploration Island where there are over 20 lifelike dinosaurs.  We walked around the area learning about several different dinosaurs.  One even had an interactive console for kids to move the dinosaur on their own.  My five year old loved getting in the egg and popping his head out of the top.

Dutch Wonderland (56)

I had to share a photo of our son JB on the Frog Hopper, he was scared at first but ended up riding four times and didn’t want to leave.  Traveling with a special needs child can be challenging, and I’m happy to report that Dutch Wonderland was perfect for him.  He loved the rides, and really enjoyed himself.  The park wasn’t overwhelming for him, and the crowds were minimal.

We took a ride on the Tug Boat around the back half of the park. It was a great way to enjoy the scenery around the park and see some of Lancaster.  It was very beautiful to see the surroundings of the park.

Dutch Wonderland (47)

Dutch Wonderland (48)

One of our favorite rides of the day was the Double Splash Flume.  It was the longest line we stood in to ride a ride the entire time we were in the park.  The whole family rode and we enjoyed it, even our two year old loved it.  You do get a little wet but we quickly dried off.


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