Collecting Labels’ Top Boutique Hotels in Lake Buena Vista

Collecting Labels’ Top Boutique Hotels in Lake Buena Vista

My husband and I are planning our first family trip to Walt Disney World this year.  I can’t wait to take the kids and see the look on their faces when they realize they are visiting the happiest place on earth.  Collecting Labels shared a great post of Top Boutique Hotels in Lake Buena Vista and I wanted to share with my readers in case you’re planning a trip to the area anytime soon.

This post originally appeared on Collecting Labels’ “Top Boutique Hotels in Lake Buena Vista” on February 26th, 2016.

Photo by Brett Kiger via flickr

I haven’t been to Disney in almost ten years, but when I think about it, I always remember my first time there. I was ten. My parents took my brothers and me when they felt we’d all be old enough to enjoy it. My oldest brother Nick, was 16. Perhaps it was slightly too old to enjoy it. At least that’s how he felt.

He spent most of the vacation with his headphones on, discman tucked into his big baggy jeans. He was too cool for the autograph books, for the log flume, and the different countries in Epcot. Then we went to the Magic Kingdom and saw Mickey Mouse. It’s a look I’ll never forget. My big brother smiled. He posed with Mickey, got his autograph. He even laughed at the silliness of it all.

Now it’s time to go back with my boyfriend Luke. He’s been before, but we’ve never been together. I want to create new memories for us both, memories that we can look back on when we think of Disney that will make us smile and laugh.

Disney’s Grand Floridian

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is right next to the Seven Seas Lagoon. It’s the perfect place to base ourselves for enjoying the water park while also being a bit romantic. It has a private beach and a spa where we can get a couples massage. Then we can act like kids at the hotel’s waterslide, have breakfast with some of the characters, and easily access the rest of the park by bus.

Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Right near Epcot Center and Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Beach Club Resort is a great place to stay for enjoying my favorite parts of Disney. It’s a New England Style building with a private beach and the feel of a Connecticut yacht club. We can even hire a boat to take us from the hotel’s dock across to Epcot!

Jambo House

The sight of this hotel that looks over the Animal Kingdom just about melted my heart. The horseshoe-shaped balconies that face the savannas are a huge selling point for this hotel. It’s also one of the cheaper places to stay in Lake Buena Vista. Even just one night at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas at Jambo House would be an incredible experience.

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort looks like a slice of paradise. I’ve never been to a Polynesian island, but it’s exactly as I imagine it would be: lots of teak furniture, surrounded by nature, and beautiful ocean views in every direction. One of the things I love about this hotel, in particular, is the option to watch Disney movies outside under the stars in the evenings.

Old Key West Resort

A perfect Florida theme for a perfect Florida getaway. Disney’s Old Key West Resort is colorful, bright and full of natural light. It’s Key West without being tacky. I love that each room has a balcony where you can sit and enjoy coffee in the morning while taking in the surroundings.

All this planning has gotten me so excited about our impending trip. No matter what hotel in Lake Buena Vista we choose, I’m confident that this trip is going to be full of memories.

This post originally appeared on Collecting Labels’ “Top Boutique Hotels in Lake Buena Vista” on February 26th, 2016.