Introducing Farmer’s Bounty

Introducing Farmer’s Bounty

I received two sample packages of Bil Jac Farmer’s Bounty to review.  Any opinions expressed are my own.

If you’re an animal lover or have pets I am sure you always want to find what’s right for your pets.  Pets are extensions of families now, for some it’s all they have so taking care of them is a top priority.  Personally I am afraid of dogs.  Yes I think it comes from being bitten by dogs twice.  I know that the kids will want a dog on day and so does my husband.  In the mean time we just enjoy visiting with my brother, sister-in-law and their puppy Kody.  While visiting I was happy to drop of the samples of Farmer’s Bounty for Kody to try.  My brother said they were looking for different kinds of dog food that they small breed puppy would enjoy.  He said they wanted something wholesome and made from real food and I knew that Farmer’s Bounty was going to be a good fit for them and for Kody.  He stated one of the first things they noticed was that steamed rolled oats are the only grain in this dog food and the recipe included cage-free chicken.

My brother said that Kody did well with trying this new bog food.  He said he noticed the difference in Kody’s energy levels when feeding his this puppy recipe compared to the brand he was using in the past.  Kody is loving his new food and my brother said they can’t wait to try him with the adult recipe.  If you’re planning to start off using Farmer’s Bounty Puppy recipe with your puppy they have feeding suggestions on their website, like for very young puppies they suggest adding water to the food and they also have cup serving suggestions.

The Farmer’s Bounty line features four different recipes.  In addition to the puppy recipe they also have an adult recipe, small breed and large breed recipe.

About Farmer’s Bounty Dog Food:

Farmer’s Bounty® is full of nutritionally wholesome ingredients, starting with 20 pounds of fresh, cage-free chicken used to make a 24 pound bag. High-quality steam rolled oats are added to help supply energy and soluble fiber. We accent our recipe with a bounty of other wholesome ingredients to help ensure your dog gets 100% complete and balanced nutrition to help him thrive.

We make Farmer’s Bounty® Dog Food one batch at a time, to help retain the nutrients, goodness and flavor. We do not use the same intense heat and high pressure processing as other dry dog foods. It takes more time and effort to make such a unique food, but your dog will agree … it’s worth it.


Use Green Leaf Pet Cleaning Products to Tackle Your Messes & Stains

Use Green Leaf Pet Cleaning Products to Tackle Your Messes & Stains


Keeping your house clean is hard enough and even harder when you have pets in your home.  Although we don’t have pets I do have a rambunctious three-year old and he gets into so much stuff it’s insane.  Kids make messes and finding ways to clean them can be challenging.  I received some cleaning products from Nature’s Miracle Green Leaf to review and share my thoughts with you.  You too can use Green Leaf Pet Cleaning Products to tackle your messed & stains.  I received two products from Green Leaf to  review their Stain and Odor Remover and the Air and Odor Eliminator – Water Lily Scent.  I’ve used both products a few times and I have enjoyed them both.

The Nature’s Miracle Green Leaf Stain & Odor Remover (MSRP $10.99), can be found exclusively at PetSmart.  What I really loved about both these products is that they are from a plant derived formula.  Neither of them have the strong toxic smell that I am used to with cleaning products.  It was safe to use it around my infant and not worry about him inhaling any fumes.  When my three-year old spilled some red sauce I grab the bottle and quickly sprayed some of this on the stain before it could set in.  I was shocked at how well it worked.  I even tried it on some of the older stains that I wasn’t able to get out and with a little effort I was able to get the surface stain.  It’s worked wonders for hand prints as well.  My son loves to touch the walls and I am constantly wiping them down.  This helped with those stains without stripping huge amount of paint.  I’ve even used it for crayons when my son decided to use the wall as canvas.  It has worked great for us and I am sure it would work just as well for pet owners.

The Nature’s Miracle Green Leaf Air & Surface Odor Eliminator – Water Lily Scent (MSRP $10.99) is also sold exclusively at PetSmart.  This product works great for any odors in the home, not just pet odor.  There have been days when we didn’t take the trash out when we left and it’s so hot outside or with food with strong odors was in the trash it would leave an odor in the house.  A few sprays of the odor eliminator and within a few minutes we could tell the difference.  This has also been a great potty training tool for me.  Since we have carpet all through our apartment I’ve been dreading potty training and letting my son go diaper free.  Son I’ve used this on the carpets in the event of an accident.  It’s also been great to refresh the pillows on our couches with a few sprays.  You can also use it on pet beds, fabrics, in the cars and more.  It’s also safe to use around your pets.

About Green Leaf:

Green Leaf comes from the makers of Nature’s Miracle, so you know it works.  Use Green Leaf to safely eliminate pet messes, food stains, grass or dirt stains and other organic stains without having to worry about the environment.  It is safe to use on carpets, fabrics, hard surfaces, clothing and much more.  Green Leaf is available in five unique solutions to tackle any pet mess or stain, and is sold in PetSmart stores nationwide.


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Littlest Pet Shop Season 3 Premieres May 31st

Littlest Pet Shop Season 3 Premieres May 31st


The season three premiere of Littlest Pet Shop is set to air on the Hub Network on Saturday, May 31st at 9:30 AM Eastern and 6:30 AM Pacific.  Fans of the shows are getting ready for the upcoming premiere.  Some are catching up on past seasons, other’s are keeping up with the crew online, catching up with DVDs, or enjoying their favorite toys.  As a Hub Club Blogger I had the opportunity to review the season premiere as well as a Littlest Pet Shop Toy Set courtesy of the Hub Network and Hasbro.


The package arrived and it was a total surprise.  My daughter couldn’t wait to open up the toy as well and watch the screen copy.  It’s been on repeat since last Thursday.  There’s a song in this episode that my kids love, they play that scene over and over again.  I have to say that it was a great season opener and I know that you guys will love it as much as we have.  This episode starts off with Littlest Pet Shop enjoying huge success, and Fisher Bisket trying to find out what’s the secret to their success.  He even sends in some “spies” to find out what’s all the rage at the Littlest Pet Shop so he can find a way to incorporate it into his mega store.  The pets are also in for an adventure when Vinnie and Sunil are challenged by Russell to entertain Mr. VonFuzzlebut, a jovial raccoon and new day camper, who falls into a deep sleep confusing the pets.  To save their reputation Vinnie and Sunil goes to great lengths to keep the other pets from learning about the comotuse Mr. VonFuzzlebut.  Honestly I’ve never seen two pets more determined than those two.


Be sure to tune in on Saturday, May 31st to find out what secrets if any did Fisher Bisket find out about LPS and to also find out all the adventures Vinnaie and Sunil are going on with the pets in the shop and their newest day camper.  You’re gonna love it and you’ll want to hear the song that has my kids jamming and playing this episode on repeat.  You can also purchase your favorite pet shop merchandise from Hasbro in stores and online now.

About Littlest Pet Shop:

Littlest Pet Shop follows Blythe Baxter and her father who live in a Downtown City apartment above the Littlest Pet Shop — an amazing day camp for pets of all kinds, including a doggie diva, dancing gecko and sweet, adorable panda. The series begins when Blythe discovers that she can miraculously understand and talk to the pets, which leads to fantastical adventures featuring uproarious song-and-dance parodies and sequences to original music. In its third season, Blythe and the few friends who know her secret utilize her unique ability to have fun with her furry friends, solve problems and lend a helping hand— or paw — to other humans and pets.


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