Easy Breakfast Casserole For Holiday Brunch #MinuteMaidHoliday #CBias #ad

Easy Breakfast Casserole For Holiday Brunch

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The holidays are in full swing and we are already in full planning mode for parties and other family gatherings.  I love the holidays because I get to spend so much time with family and friends.  I love seeing the smiles on my kids faces when they open gifts.  I love sitting around laughing and telling jokes with my family.  It’s the best time of the year for me.  It’s also one of the most stressful times of the year as well.


My siblings and I always go to our parent’s home for Christmas.  When there were fewer grandkids we would all spend the night at their house and open gifts there.  Now that our family has grown we started with a new tradition of Christmas brunch and dinner together.  We only open the gifts we brought for each other at our brunch, and together my mom, sisters, and myself make dinner for the family.  It’s filled with amazing memories that we talk about all through the year.


For brunch each of the siblings are responsible for bringing a dish for us to enjoy after opening presents.  I always make my Easy Breakfast Casserole, because the family loves it.  It’s super easy to make and it has all the best parts of breakfast in one dish.  When I make it I always bring orange juice to accompany the dish.  When I’m choosing orange juice I always pick Minute Maid Orange Juice.  I love shopping at Safeway because they have great specials, and I can always find the items I’m looking to purchase.



Safeway had a great sale on the Minute Maid Orange Juices, they were two boxes for six dollars.  I loved that it included both low pulp and no pulp since I refer no pulp in my juices and my huband like to have pulp in his juice.  The good thing about orange juice is that everyone loves it and whatever we don’t use for brunch we can use to make holiday drinks for during dinner.  So it’s a win-win.


While I was at the store I noticed an awesome promotion from Coca-Cola and Shutterfly.  When you purchase four participating Coca-Cola products you earn $20 off at Shutterfly.


Offer will be executed via Catalina print-out at register with unique pin code to redeem online.  The Shutterfly offer is valid through December 28th.



If you’re looking for brunch ideas for the holidays I highly suggest this breakfast casserole.  You can make it ahead of time and refrigrate and bake later.  It’s perfect to make and take for all holiday gatherings.  The leftovers are even better the next day.  Plus you can customize it to make it a dinner casserole as well.  Check out the recipe below.

[gmc_recipe 26333]

If you’re looking for more holiday recipes check out the Minute Maid blog, and connect with them on social media by liking on Facebook and following on Pinterest.  What’s your go to holiday dish for family functions?

Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Beautiful Book

Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Beautiful Book

My husband has been on me about getting family photos taken.  It’s been years since we have taken photographs of the entire family and he’s ready to get some new ones on the wall.  The problem is though we have tons of digital photographs of the whole family.  I could make hundreds of photos for our walls or turn them into beautiful photo books.  Thanks to Shutterfly I can easily grab my favorite photos from Instagram and turn them into a photo book with FavePix.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Shutterfly. Any opinions expressed are my own.

FavePix by Shutterfly is an iPhone app that enables you can create photo books from your Instagram photos.  For just $19.99, you get a 6×6 hardcover photo book and a bamboo stand. Shipping is included in the purchase price.  Getting started is super easy, simply visit the app store and look for the FavePix Logo.  Download and open the app to get started creating your photo book.  You must sign into your Shutterfly account to get started and connect to your Instagram account.


Once you’re signed in and have your account connected it’s easy to create your photo book.  FavePix by Shutterfly gives your three options for creating your book.  Choose from:

  1. Select your favorites.
  2. Gather by hashtags
  3. Let us choose your best.
Photo Credit: Shutterfly

When I choose my book I picked my favorites by scrolling through all my photos and picking the ones I liked the most.  FavePix allows you to choose up to 50 of your photographs to be included in your book.  It takes about five minutes or less if you let Shutterfly choose for you.

Photo Credit: Shutterfly

One your book arrives you can easy put it on display using the bamboo stand that comes with the book.  I love how they’ve included captions you used on your photos and other great information.  This is a fun and creative item to add to your home or gift to someone for a special occasion.  I can’t wait to see how mines turns out when it arrives.  Thanks to the generosity of Shutterfly, one lucky reader will win their own FavePix book, enter to win via the tool below.  Giveaway open to US residents, and ends May 23rd at 11:59 PM.

FavePix Code

If you’re an iPhone user be sure to download the FavePix app and get started creating your own books with your favorite photos.

Unlimited Free Prints from the Shutterfly App

Unlimited Free Prints from the Shutterfly App

I remember when photographs included film, taking it to get developed, picking it up from the store, and placing them in albums.  Now with most photographs being taken digitally it seems we have less and less physical photographs.  I can’t remember the last time I had a photo printed, I even gone the route of photo books instead of having an actual photo printed.  Shutterfly wants you to get your most precious memories off social media and into photo albums.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Shutterfly.

For a limited time Shutterfly is giving users unlimited free prints* via their Shutterfly app.  To take advantage of this promotion download the app, sign in to your Shutterfly account to access photos or connect to your social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr, to choose photos from there.

App Store Icon

Google Play Store Icon

This special offer is available to new and existing Shutterfly customers.  Shipping and handling fees will apply.  Get all your favorite holiday photos off your phone and into frames on your walls.


Using the app is super easy.  After downloading log into your Shutterfly account.  Click on the store section, and then order prints, you’ll see the options for free 4×4 and 4×6 prints, select an option and choose the photos from your different albums or social media sites.  No matter how many prints you choose they are all free as long as you select those two sizes.  The only thing you will have to pay for is shipping and handling.

Phone image_free_prints

I couldn’t wait to get my favorites photos of my kids from my Instagram account, some of my old favorites on Facebook that I haven’t seen in a while, to recall memories with my family again.  This year I’ll be sharing about wedding, and this is a perfect way for brides that recently got married to collect digital photographs from their wedding into an album.  Collect your favorites from your friends and family on Facebook to be printed.  Another great idea is to collect photos from your kids birthday parties, first day back to school, special dances, and all the great memories they made last year.  Don’t forget to download the Shutterfly app for iPhone, Android, and iPad.

Shop Shutterfly for Unforgettable Gifts

Shop Shutterfly for Unforgettable Gifts

Christmas is less than a week away, and you may have already wrapped up all your shopping for the holiday.  Honestly I never feel like I am completely done shopping, I am always thinking of something else I can add under the tree for my family and loved ones.  This year I partnered with Shutterfly to share gift ideas for the holidays.  I received a gift certificate to purchase items showcased in this post.

Shop Shutterfly for

While shopping on the Shutterfly website I noticed how much the site has grown in regards to their gift options.  Originally I was only looking for teacher gifts for the kids teachers and for my son’s classroom aides.  It didn’t take long for me to quickly realize that I could get so many more gifts and not just for the holidays either.

Wedding Anniversary

My husband and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary this year, it’s in December so it always takes a back burner to the holiday.  This year thanks to Shutterfly I was able to get some great items for my husband to celebrate our anniversary.  I even shared with you Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas to cover the first ten years of marriage.  All with products you can find on Shutterfly.

Shutterfly (24)

Shutterfly (1)

Two things I found to gift my husband was the Mason Jar Mug and the 16 picture collage.  I loved adding photographs of us over the years to show how much we’ve changed.  They were both big hits with him, he loved them both.

teacher gifts

I also shared with Teacher Gift Ideas with you from Shutterfly.  I fell in love with their design studio idea on the site.  It was easy for me to design the mug of my choice and use Shutterfly’s professional quality images.  This option alone will take your gifts to a whole new level.

I was able to create something different for each of my children’s teachers.  I let them pick the design so it made them feel special about making the mugs and they’ll be even more excited about gifting them.  I even opted for the gift boxes for an additional $4.95, and added chocolates for $9.99, making it so much easier on me once they arrived.  They were ready to be wrapped or placed in a gift bag.

Jewelry Gifts

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I have to suggest you check out Shutterfly’s Jewelry Gifts.  I think these were the most surprising of off the items I purchased from the site.  I ordered the initial bracelet for my niece first and then went back and ordered one for myself, a necklace for my daughter and I just placed an order for a customized Autism Awareness Necklace for myself.  I’ve been blown away by the high quality and beauty of these items from Shutterfly.  The bracelets arrive in gift boxes ready for gifting.  The necklaces arrive in gift pouches.

Shutterfly (16)

Shutterfly (20)

I loved all my gift from Shutterfly and if you’re looking for unforgettable gifts then be sure to check out them out.  They are more than just photo prints and calendars.  While it may be too late for Christmas, Shutterfly has gifts for all your special occasions.  Be sure to check back for more gift ideas.

Teacher Gift Ideas from Shutterfly

Teacher Gift Ideas from Shutterfly

When my daughter started school about five years ago I was excited about teacher gifts.  I made special questionnaires to get an idea of what the teachers liked, then when my oldest son entered school two years later I pulled back some but I was still excited.  Now with our four year old in school as well teacher gifts has gotten stressful.  Seen my four year old is Autistic.  He has his teacher, four aides in the class room, two different bus drivers, two different bus aides and his home therapy aide.  That’s ten people for him alone.  As you can imagine shopping for teacher gifts have become stressful.  This year I am taking some of the stress out of shopping for teacher gifts by shopping Shutterfly.

teacher gifts

Disclosure: I partnered with Shutterfly to bring you this post.  I received a gift certificate to purchase items in exchange for this post.

Shutterfly (28)

One of my main go to products for teacher gifts are mugs.  They are so simple and can be used in various ways.  Shutterfly allows you to customize  your mugs in various ways.  Their art library feature allows you to use photos from their professional gallery on your photo gifts.  This was perfect for the mugs I was making for my kids teachers.

Shutterfly (36)

Shutterfly really takes the stress out of shopping for holiday gifts.  You can include chocolates with your mug. The come pre-wrapped and ready to place inside your mug.  I love this ideas because I didn’t have to worry about finding anything to place inside the mug itself.

Shutterfly (56)

You have the option to opt for a gift box for $4.95 per mug.  Another easy way to have you gift ready to go.  You can choose to just put a gift tag or card on the box, put it in a gift bag or wrap the box.  It’s totally up to you.

Shutterfly (26)


Shutterfly (58)

The Shutterfly Art Library had a nice selection of holiday photos that I could use to design my mugs.  I let the kids choose what they wanted to put on the mugs they were giving their teachers, that makes it even more special to them and they can’t wait to give them to their teachers for the holidays.

Check out some creative and fun ceramic mug ideas that you can create to give to your child’s teacher or anyone for the holidays or any special occasion.

[embedit snippet=”teacher-mugs”]

Other Teacher Gift Ideas from Shutterfly

All in a Year 8x11 Photo Book

Photo books are great gifts and for teachers it’s a memorable way to relive memories of the year. If you have access to enough photographs of events throughout the year this would be a nice option.

Elegant Salutation

Stationary is another options for teacher gifts as well. Teachers write so many notes so I am sure they would love writing some on personal stationary.

Real Favorite : Charcoal Designed by Magnolia Press

It’s a simple gift but a nice personal card can go a long way and choosing to have one custom-made allows you and your child to share exactly what you want because you control the design and what’s inside.

When it comes to finding the right gift for the teachers on your shopping list, Shutterfly has a variety of options to choose from. They make the process easy and their products are high quality. Be sure to visit Shutterfly to see what special offers they are currently running and be sure to check their shipping calendar so your items arrive in time for the holidays.

Anniversary Gift Ideas from Shutterfly

Anniversary Gift Ideas from Shutterfly

In less that two weeks my husband and I will be celebrating our eight wedding anniversary.  We had a small private ceremony with just a few family and friends the day before a big winter storm was heading into Baltimore.  It was small and intimate.  I’ve been talking to my husband about renewing our vows for our 10th anniversary.  Since it’s so close to the holidays our anniversary usually takes a backseat to Christmas.  This year I had the opportunity to work with Shutterfly on a post featuring holiday gift ideas for teachers and I decided to also squeeze in some goodies for the anniversary.

Wedding Anniversary

Disclosure: This post contains affilate links, if you click and make a purchase I may earn a small percentage.  Shutterfly provided me with a gift card to purchase some of the items in this post.  Any opinions expressed are my own.

Wedding Paper Divas - Holiday 2015

Shutterfly and their sister site Wedding Paper Divas offer lots of amazing options for weddings and their photo gifts section is the best place to start when you’re looking for amazing gifts to give your spouse for an anniversary gift.  I’ll be sharing gifts for the first ten years of anniversaries that you can easily find and personalize at Shutterfly.  These are the traditional gift ideas for wedding anniversaries in the US.

Year One – Paper

Shutterfly - Holiday 2015

Year one is the paper gifts year and a photo book is a great gift idea for your spouse.  You can fill it with photographs of your first year of marriage, your wedding, or even your dating years.  It’s all up to you how you decide to fill the pages with memories from you past.

Year Two – Cotton

woven blanket

These woven blankets are perfect for snuggling up with when it’s chilly out.  You can design it anyway you like and since it’s made from cotton it’s a winning option for the second year anniversary gift.

Year Three – Leather


The leather journal can be used to write down your thoughts, keep important notes and dates, or just about anything you want to use it for.  It’s also great for the third wedding anniversary gift because of the leather cover.

Year Four – Linen/Silk

parisian elegance sham

Linen is the suggested gift for the fourth wedding anniversary and these monogrammed linens are the perfect gift and addition to your linen collection.  It’s a great way to celebrate your union, all while adding style and flair to your linens.

Year Five – Wood

Shutterfly (24)

Wood is the gift for year five, if you plan to use the traditional suggestions.  I choose this beautiful sixteen space wood picture frame as a gift to my husband this year.  In it are photographs of us over the years.  I loved looking at all the pictures of us over the years and seeing how we’ve changed.  I think I’ll do a family portraits one the next time I plan to make the frame.

Year Six – Iron

Champagne Sheen

Year six is iron and these ornaments are great gifts that can also be used to start family traditions.  We are slowly building our ornament collection with special additions that have special meaning to our family.  This is also a tradition you can continue each year, adding and building signature pieces you can pass on to your children.

Year Seven – Desk Organizer (Modern)

desk organizer

I added this modern gift idea to the list for year seven.  It’s recommended that you give gifts of desk sets or pen & pencil sets.  This set is perfect for organizing your desk while admiring your spouse, kids or family.  I just love the sleek and modern design.

Year Eight – Linens (Modern)

I’ve shared linens before but Shutterfly has a nice selection of linens on their site including pillow shams, blankets, duvets, throws and more.

Year Nine – Pottery

Shutterfly (3)

Shutterfly (2)

Shutterfly (1)

When I think of pottery I think of glasses and mugs.  There are lots of options to choose from on the Shutterfly including photo mugs and mason jars like this one I picked out for my husband.  He’s from the south so when I saw these mugs I knew I wanted to get him one for our anniversary.  He favorite mug broke earlier this year so this will be a great gift.

Year Ten – Tin/Aluminum

metal prints


Metal prints are starting to become very popular and for the tenth year of marriage you can surprise your spouse with a collage of memorable metal prints showcasing your life over the years, how your family have grown or relive your wedding day.

Remember to shop Shutterfly for all your gift needs whether you’re shopping for an anniversary, the holidays or just purchasing prints of your favorite photos.  They have you covered.

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