Skylanders Partners with Autism Speaks with Limited Edition Superchargers Toys

Skylanders Partners with Autism Speaks with Limited Edition Superchargers Toys

Autism touches our home in a very unique way, our middle son John-Benjamin was diagnosed with Non-Verbal Autism right after he turned three.  Since his diagnosis we’ve worked hard and doing what we thought was best for our son and learning as much as we can about Autism.  I always love learning about companies who support the Autism community as much as they can, and that’s why I am happy to learn about the partnership with Skylanders and Autism Speaks for Autism Awareness Month, with the production of limited edition ‘Light It Up Blue’ Superchargers Toys called the Power Blue Crew.skylanders superchargersThanks to Skylanders for sending us the four toys limited edition Power Blue Crew toys to feature on our site.  Our package included two character figures and two Superchargers vehicles.

Skylanders Light It Up Blue Superchargers (2)
-the Skylanders Power Blue crew- for Autism Awareness Month

Available now, the Power Blue crew features blue-and-white-colored Skylanders SuperChargers characters including Splatter Splasher, Trigger Happy, Splat and Gold Rusher – all of which appear in-game as their special colors! These characters will retail at the suggested price of $12.99 (SuperChargers) and $14.99  (vehicles).

Skylanders Light It Up Blue Superchargers (8)

Skylanders is supporting Autism in several ways beyond the creation of Power Blue toys:

  • Supporting an employee-match donation program for Autism Speaks
  • Encouraging participation in the Autism Speaks Walk on April 2 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Ca in support of World Autism Awareness Day
  • Activision is also making donations to non-profits that are making a difference in the autism community

Skylanders Light It Up Blue Superchargers (5)

Skylanders Light It Up Blue Superchargers (4)

“Autism affects one in every 42 boys and one in 68 children in the U.S. We’re proud to work with Skylanders, an iconic franchise that’s known for bringing joy and magic to kids and families,” said Peter Morton, Vice President of Corporate Development at Autism Speaks. “This year’s Light it up Blue campaign for World Autism Awareness Day marks our first alliance with a videogame and toy, and we couldn’t be more excited.”

Skylanders Light It Up Blue Superchargers (6)

Skylanders Light It Up Blue Superchargers (7)

“Since the debut of the franchise, we’ve heard from parents that Skylanders plays a special role in the lives of their kids on the autism spectrum,” says Josh Taub, Senior Vice President of Skylanders Product Management, Activision. “The entire Skylanders team was deeply committed and proud to bring these special toys to life. If they can put a smile on a child’s face, then we know we’ve done our job right.”

For more information please visit or connect on social media on Instagram @SkylanderstheGame, Twitter @SkylandersGame and 

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Thanks to the generosity of Skylanders one lucky reader will win their own Power Blue Crew Limited Edition Skylander.  The giveaway is open to US residents 18 and older.  Ends March 30th, 2016.  Enter via the tool below.  Good Luck.

Skylanders Blue Power Crew Giveaway

Skylanders Day Deals at Game Stop

Skylanders Day Deals at Game Stop

Tomorrow, January 9th, 2015 is Skylanders Day at Game Stop and they have some awesome deals you don’t want to miss. Be sure to visit the store to see what goodies they have for purchase.


Bringing in the new year with a bang Skylanders SuperChargers kicks off 2016 with an exclusive “Skylanders Day” deal at Game Stop. This Saturday, January 9th at participating Game Stop locations nationwide, Portal Masters can take advantage of some amazing BOGO deals. Pick up a Skylanders SuperChargers starter pack for only $39.99 or $59.99 for the Dark Edition, and receive an additional Skylanders starter pack from a previous game (Skylanders Swap Force, Skylanders Trap Team, and Skylanders Giants) for FREE! The promotion further extends with BOGO deals on Skylanders SuperChargers characters and vehicles.


Also, currently on store shelves, Skylanders SuperChargers introduces Birthday Bash Big Bubble Pop Fizz! It is customary tradition at the Skylanders Academy for all of the Skylanders to gather around and sing the birthday song to the guest of honor. For fun, any Skylanders that arrives late must sing the birthday song solo in front of the entire Academy. But rather than seeing this as an embarrassment, Pop Fizz continues to see this as an opportunity to show off his new Big Bubble party instruments, and so he arrives late every time!

Look for Eruptor In The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Look for Eruptor In The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade


Big news from Skylands! Skylanders, the popular kids video game that brings physical toys to life, is taking flight in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for the first time! Fan-favorite Skylanders character Eruptor will join the prestigious collection of balloons at the parade, marking a significant pop culture milestone for the franchise.

To re-create Eruptor’s smoldering physique, artists used more than 40 gallons of florescent paint and five barrels of glitter! The live broadcast of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will begin at 9 a.m. all time zones on NBC.  Fan-favorite character Eruptor, who will be flying high above the New York City skyline, hails from deep in the underground of a floating volcanic island that launched his entire civilization to the surface after a massive eruption.  He’s a complete hot head – steaming, fuming, and quite literally erupting over almost anything.



Skylanders Trap Team Is A Must Have Holiday Item

Skylanders Trap Team Is A Must Have Holiday Item

Since its debut I don’t remember a holiday season that didn’t include some sort of Skylanders, the game has become wildly popular not just in the US but worldwide.  This year’s edition is Skylanders Trap Team and there’s so much they are offering to consumers.  Skylanders Trap Team is a must have holiday items.  I received a Skylanders Trap Team starter set for inclusion in my Holiday Gift Guide and they provided another starter kit as a raffle prize for my kids school.  Any opinions expressed are my own.

Image credit: Activision for Skylanders

If you have children ages six and older then you have probably or will probably purchase Skylanders for them this holiday season.  You may already have previous versions of the game (like my family) and are just looking to add to your collection.  Whether you’re already playing the game or getting it for the first time, you’re in for a treat with the newest games in the franchise.  I’m not the only one who’s excited about the game, or think that it’s going to be a holiday hit.  The latest installment of the franchise that pioneered the Toys-to-Life genre is already poised to become one of the top family games this holiday season. Toys“R”Us® recently named Skylanders Trap Team as one of the “Fabulous 15” on the company’s 2014 Holiday Hot Toy List, while Target named Skylanders Trap Team to their Top Toys for the Holidays List. In addition, the game was featured in Toy Insider’s Hot 20 Holiday Toys of 2014, which highlights the most sought-after and anticipated items of the holiday season.

Image Credit: Activision for Skylanders

In addition to the regular version of the starter pack, fans can also purchase the Skylanders Trap Team Dark Edition.  The dark edition was revealed at San Diego Comic Con this summer.  The Skylanders Trap Team Dark Edition is a true collector’s starter pack that includes the special Ultimate Kaos Trap, which allows Portal Masters to trap and play as Kaos. The Skylanders Trap Team Dark Edition Starter Pack features the Ultimate Kaos Trap, a special, larger-sized Trap to capture Skylands’ #1 villain. It will also include two Traps; exclusive black and silver variant designs of new characters Snap Shot, Wildfire and Food Fight; a two-sided ultimate collector poster; sticker sheets and trading cards. The Skylanders Trap Team Dark Edition Starter Pack will be available on Xbox 360™ games and entertainment system from Microsoft; Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft; PlayStation® 3 computer entertainment system; PlayStation® 4 and Nintendo’s Wii™ and Wii U™ systems for a suggested retail price of $99.

Image Credit: Activision
Image Credit: Activision

For the first time ever the Skylanders franchise has created a tablet version of the game.  Now you can play on your iPad, Kindle  Fire and Android tablets.  The tablet version of the game delivers the same experience with console-quality graphicsi and comes with its own high performance controller, delivering yet another significant technological leap to the Skylanders franchise.  The Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Starter Pack will include a Bluetooth® Traptanium Portal; an embedded Bluetooth® controller to provide the best gameplay experience possible; a built-in tablet stand; two Skylanders characters; two Traps and a display tray that lets Portal Masters keep track of the Traps they’ve collected and which villains they have trapped.

"Skylanders" Trap Team Reveal Event
Image Credit: Activision for Skylanders

My family and I love Skylanders.  My kids are young so they play for fun.  They don’t get the highest points and their time is always super high but they have lots of fun.  I honestly have a love hate relationship with the game.  I am competitive so I hate when the kids forget to get a gem or something but I love they can play and have fun and it’s a game that is great for their age level.  When ever we play it’s usually for hours at a time.  I even have the Lost Island app on my phone and tablet which is another small game that lets you play Skylanders in a different way.  There’s so much to enjoy with this new game, it’s amazing.  Another great feature is that all the previous characters from all the other editions can also be played in this game.  Are you a Skylanders collector?  If so then be sure to check out these specials.

Portal Masters everywhere can get into the Skylanders Trap Team spirit by taking advantage of exclusive Skylanders products at retailers nationwide:

  • Get Legendary at Toys”R”UsToys“R”Us stores in North America and online at will be the only places fans will find the limited edition Legendary Series of Skylanders toys at launch. The Legendary Series features alternative versions of new Trap Master characters and packs, such as Jawbreaker, Déjà Vu and the Nightmare Express Adventure Pack, all of which feature in-game stat boosts. 
  • Meet the Minis at Walmart Skylanders fans can visit participating Walmart stores or go to to participate in the ‘Meet the Minis’ program to unlock special content featuring the fully playable and upgradeable Minis, including Gill Runt, Stealth Elf,Weeruptor, Pet Vac and Small Fry via the official Skylanders Collection VaultTM app.  Walmart will also be the only place fans can find the Skylanders Minis Buddy Pack, featuring Tidal Wave Gill Grunt and Gill Runt.
  • NITRO Trap Masters at Target – U.S. Target stores nationwide and will once again be the only place where fans can get their hands on the Skylanders NITRO series of toys, which features the powerful Trap Master NITRO Krypt King.
  •  Portals for Punch Pop Fizz at GameStop – During the first week of launch, fans that bring in a Portal of Power® from any Skylandersgame can trade it in to receive a free Punch Pop Fizz character, a bright red version of the fan-favorite Skylander.
  •  Three Skylanders for Two at Best Buy – Players that purchase any two Skylanders Trap Team game products at Best Buy will receive a free Volcanic Eruptor character, who’s unique appearance is visible in-game. This promotion is available only at Best Buy. 
Activision Publishing, Inc. reveals Skylanders Trap Team, the latest innovation to the popular Skylanders franchise, at a special event, Tuesday, April 23, in New York. Skylanders Trap Team launches on Oct. 5, 2014 in North America and reverses the magic of bringing toys-to-life with a ground-breaking innovation that allow kids to interact with their Skylanders toys in the digital world. (Photo by John Minchillo/Invision for Activision/AP Images)
Activision Publishing, Inc. reveals Skylanders Trap Team, the latest innovation to the popular Skylanders franchise, at a special event, Tuesday, April 23, in New York. Skylanders Trap Team launched on Oct. 5, 2014 in North America and reverses the magic of bringing toys-to-life with a ground-breaking innovation that allow kids to interact with their Skylanders toys in the digital world. (Photo by John Minchillo/Invision for Activision/AP Images)

Skylanders Trap Team introduces heroes known as Trap Masters that wield powerful TraptaniumTM weapons used to defeat Skylands’ most notorious villains including Kaos, as well as brand new Core Skylanders characters and reposed fan-favorite Skylanders characters. The game also features a variety of elementally aligned Traps with unique and interesting designs. In addition, Skylanders Trap Team welcomesSkylanders Minis, 16 small but powerful Skylanders now fully playable, who join the battle against Skylands’ most nefarious villains. Coming to Skylanders fans worldwide on November 1, Eon’s Elite collectors’ toys feature never-before-seen decoration with a distinct, metallic finish and a golden base that sets them apart from other Skylanders toys. 

Skylanders Trap Team is compatible with more than 175 unique toys from all previous games — Skylanders SWAP ForceTM, SkylandersGiantsTM and Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure® — every character also will be able to defeat and trap villains using Traptanium Traps, providing fans more ways to enjoy their collections.