Tuesday 10


This Week for Tuesday 10 I’d like to share…

Ten Ways I relax.

Maybe you do some of these yourself or you may find something helpful as well.

Sleep in late – I am always getting up early, even on the weekend and I can’t take naps unless I am sick.  It’s been that way for as long as I can remember, so when I am feeling a little stressed I sleep in later and just relax in the bed.

Eat Chocolate – This is why I always have a piece of chocolate stashed away somewhere it just helps me relax and settle my nerves.  Chocolate makes everyone feel better.

Chocolate bar compilation
Chocolate bar compilation (Photo credit: captcreate)

Read – reading a good book is like an escape and when I’m so caught up in a book I don’t think about my own surrounding and what’s going on with me.  Reading helps a lot.  My current read is The 5 Love Languages of Children, UnGlued Devotional and At The Feet of Jesus Devotional.

Take a Walk – talking a nice walk helps me clear my head especially if I am alone but even with my children I still get to unwind a little.

Listen to Music – music is another great way to escape from all that’s going on and just get a break.

IPod Nano
IPod Nano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Call my mom – Most of my siblings and I are very close to our mom.  She is probably always the first person we call when anything is going on with us.  So sometimes I call her when I am stressed and can’t talk to anyone else.  Imagine how hard it was when she had her stroke and lost her memory.

Deep Breathing – taking a deep breathe can go a very long way is helping you relax even if it’s very short lived.  Just keep taking those deep breaths.

Enjoy some family time – while my family may be the reason I need to relax, they are also great for helping me relax and take some time.  Just last week we had and dance contest and had so much fun just dancing and laughing.  Oh check out our uncut “Harlem Shake” video.

We really need to learn how to cut, edit and create videos but we had so much fun and that was the point of it all.

Take a long bath – taking a nice warm bath is the best thing that you can do when you need to relax.  Just make sure you have the bathroom all to yourself.

Baking – My family lived in NC briefly and after the birth of my second child I got postpartum depression.  My husband was working and I was home with the kids and since I didn’t know any one in the area the baby blues just took me over.  Baking was what I used to help me smile and relax.  Trying new recipes and baking goodies for others brought a smile to my face.  I still love baking check out some of the goodies I’ve made.



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Tuesday 10

Tuesday 10

This week’s prompt is…

Spring Activities

I am not really sure what I really like about Spring except the weather is much better than it is in winter and summer.

Here’s a few photos of things my family did in Spring.

The blooms of new flowers.  I really love the Cherry Blossoms in spring.

I didn’t attend prom in high school so when my hubby was working at a high school he took me to prom with him.

When we lived in NC I loved visiting the park and playing on the swings.

I love taking the kids to the Circus when the weather is warming up.

Our family Easter Egg hunt.  We always do it indoors.

Not having to deal with snow like this anymore.

Spring weddings are the best.

Making my hubby’s favorite birthday dish Paella. It’s on May 19th

Our oldest son’s birthday is also in May on the 27th.  Love celebrating with him.

Number 10 is our youngest birthday.  He was born on May 31st.  That’s right I have all the men in my family birthday in the same month of May.

What about you what are some of your favorite spring activities?

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Tuesday 10


The link up for Tuesday 10 this week is the Revive Conference

Since I didn’t attend nor have I attended any blogging conferences I would like to make a Tuesday 10 Blog Wishlist instead.

New blog theme – now that I am on the Genisis framework I really want a custom theme or a custom header for the site. I need a new button as well.

Improve my Stumble Upon skills – I need to get better at using this service and help increase traffic to my blog.

Image representing StumbleUpon as depicted in ...
Image via CrunchBase

Use Pinterest More – I really need to pin all my content and create more engaging content for Pinterest.

Create more family content – I really want to share so much but I just can’t write it all down, maybe I need to start vloging more.

New Business Cards – I need to get new cards but I really want to wait until I get a look for this blog that I love and plan to stick with.

Engage on Facebook – I have tried and tried to get my engagement on Facebook with fans but it’s just not working.  I need to tap into something that works for getting more engagement there.

Sponsored posts – I really like sharing with you about companies and products I like and I am discovering I want to be able to do that more often.

Increase blog followers – I would like to increase my email and Network Blogs subscribers.

Conferences – It’s my goal to attend at least one blogging conference within two year.  I hope I can make it to at least one.

Sponsorship – I have a wishlist of companies I would love to work with.  I really wish I get to cross one of them off my list this year.  (Note to self: share my wishlist later.)

What are you do you have any goals or wishes you are working on this year?

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Tuesday 10

Starting this week there’s a new host.

The theme this week for Tuesday 10 is….

10 Things About Me

10. I am married with three children –  I know it’s old information but it’s the foundation of who I am.

9. I was born in Trinidad – Our whole family moved to the United States when I was fourteen.

8. I studied Management Science in college.

7. I dream of living in Savannah Georgia.

6. I have two middle names – it’s just the way they did it in Trinidad.  The initials are O and C.

5. My favorite television shows right now are: Grimm, Once Upon A Time, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and Arrow.  I have to watch them on demand the following day in quiet so I don’t miss a thing.

4. I want to be a Lawyer but that dream is slowly getting pushed back by another dream that I think will make me happy.

3. I love baking – it’s a stress reliever for me and I also love cake decorating.  I am currently taking Wilton Classes and doing projects to help me get better.

2. I have always wanted to visit Paris.  If ever given the chance I would hope on the first plane with hubby for a great vacation.

1. My birthday is coming up in 19 days.  Yay for birthdays! I am not really that excited though it’s just another day to me.


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Tuesday 10

Tuesday 10

The theme this week on Tuesday 10 is…

10 Professions You Wish You Had

I’ve had dreams of being these at one point or another in my life

I’ve always wanted to be a wife and mother
Flight Attendant
Marketing Executive
Advertising Agent
Cake Decorator
in the Navy
Here is a list of my actual professions
wife and mommy
stay at home mom:
in home maid, nurse, detective, accountant, travel agent, story teller, cook, baker, decorator, stylist, huger, boo boo kisser, gift wrapper, personal shopper, monster chaser, bug smasher, and the list just goes on and on.  
Having children made me realize that even though I may not get paid or even studied for a job doesn’t mean I don’t get it at some point.  Some in very loose terms and others I am a pro.  Like I am a pro monster chaser, they have no chance against me.  LOL. I’m sure you can identify with something or everything on my list and much more.  I love my three blessings and all the jobs they have allowed me to perform.
What about you, what profession have you wished you had?

Tuesday 10

This week the topic is 10 favorite Christmas songs.

Here we go in no particular order.

The Chipmunks Christmas Song

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Jingle Bells

Frosty the Snowman

Little Drummer Boy

Do You Hear What I Hear

The First Noel

O’ Holy Night

Silent Night (Tempetations version)


Tuesday 10

This week’s Tuesday 10 theme is Birthday.

I think this week I will try to share birthday memories and photos of my family.


Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Birthday cakes I made for Angel
Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
This first doll cake I created – it was for my daughter’s 5th birthday this year.

  May is a very heavy birthday month for us.  Hubby is the 19th, our middle child is the 27th and our youngest is the 31st.  Can you imagine all the cake and ice-cream we have in that month alone.  This year we had a small gathering for the youngest for his 1st birthday and the weekend before that we took our middle child to the beach for his birthday.


Our birthday boy turned 1
JB reflecting on the dock
May babies
Birth day – Kennedi O.
Birth day – Steve III
Birth day – John Benjamin
Trey’s Yo Gabba Gabba birthday cake from last year

For us I think the biggest thing tied to a birthday is that Michael Jackson died on my daughter’s second birthday.  Its something that’s always around when her birthday is coming up.

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Tuesday 10

This week’s Tuesday 10 theme is “10 Costumes I’ve Worn”.  I was born in Trinidad and we didn’t celebrate Halloween there, we celebrate All Saints and All Souls day.  So this week I am going to show costumes that my kiddos would wear.

This is my son for Halloween 2008
My daughter in her costume – FiFi the French Poodle (Halloween 08)
My daughter as Piglet – Halloween 07
My son as BuzzLightyear his favorite superhero – Halloween 2011
My daughter as a princess – Halloween 2011
My son is going to be Captain America this year if the storm doesn’t cancel Halloween for us
My daughter’s costume for this year if it doesn’t get cancelled for us
My toddler monster would make the perfect Abominable Snowman

I think this costume totally embodies my toddler.  He is 16 months old and is a walking tornado.  He is always up for destruction.  LOL.

I want hubby to be DJ Lance

Our son is a huge Yo Gabba Gabba fan and I couldn’t make a hallowen list without them on there.  I have wanted my husband to be DJ Lance for years but he is never gonna put this on.  LOL

Wonder Woman – Wonder Mom

If I were ever going to dress up for Halloween I would definitely be Wonder Woman because being a wife and mother I think we are all Wonder Women.

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Tuesday 10

While blog hopping this past weekend I found a really great post and I liked the idea so much I decided to do it myself.  It was called Tuesday 10.  The blogger had a theme and you could either follow the there and answer 10 things using the theme or come up with your own.  So this week’s theme is…. 10 Random Facts About Me.


I am an amazing baker, well at least I think I am.  I used it as a tool to help with stress and postpartum depression after giving birth to my second child.  Before I would just use box mixes but now I do almost all of it from scratch.  Check out my fan page here

Pink lemonade cupcakes made by yours truly


I was born in Trinidad and my father moved our whole family to the US when I was fourteen.  He wanted us to have a better life.  I hated it at first but now I don’t think I could live any where else (except Paris).  I did however become an American citizen last year.


I don’t drive at all.  I went to driving school and everything and I got my permit and just never did my road hours.  I think I’ll make a horrible driver.  I keep hoping I strike it rich and get a driver.  Having kids though is making me rethink this but I promise I am so scared of driving its not even funny.


I am a mother of three wonderful children.  They keep me on my feet and running all the time but I can’t imagine life without them.

The family


I bet I know more Yo Gabba Gabba songs than you do.  LOL.  Yes my oldest son is a Yo Gabba Gabba fanatic.  I think we own all their cd’s and I have seen each episode at least five times.


I say I am going to cut my hair every summer and as soon as it starts to get cold I am so glad that I didn’t actually follow through with cutting my hair.  LOL


I am deathly afraid of tunnels.  I saw a movie called Daylight and ever since I have a fear that while riding through the tunnel it will start to fall apart and I will be trapped in there with water and flesh eating humans.  I know how silly it sounds.


I love listening to all different kinds of music.  However I don’t like music with cussing or vulgarity.  I am a prude that way.


I have never played Farmville but I have gotten caught up with lots of other internet games, like SPP.


I finally watch’s Grey’s Anatomy this summer.  I don’t know why it took me so long but I did watch it and then I watched Rescue Me and Lipstick Jungle.  I’ve watched a lot of shows on Netflix this summer trying to catch new stuff.

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