Travel with Logic All Natural Products This Holiday Season

Travel with Logic All Natural Products This Holiday Season

Your holidays probably includes some kind of travel.  Some people travel hundreds and thousands of miles during the holidays, to visit family and friends.  With all that travel there’s so many things to worry about and yet I think people often forget about the threat of Bedbugs when traveling.  It’s something that’s more common than you think and it’s always better to be prepared before you travel instead of after.  If you’re traveling this holiday season I would suggest that you travel with Logic All Natural Products.  I received samples for review from Logic Products, any opinions expressed are my own.

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With four children traveling is not that easy, there’s packing for a family of six, making sure I take all the essentials, one of my children has Asthma so there’s medication to pack and then when we are traveling back home it’s the same hassle of making sure we have everything.  This yer we took a staycation for Spring Break, the hotel we stayed at was great when we first checked in but later that night we noticed there were ants.  We couldn’t get out room changed because the hotel was full but we had to go out and buy a safe natural product to help get rid of the ants and to make sure they didn’t get in our luggage.  Ants however isn’t as bad as Bedbugs.  You’ve probably heard the numerous horror stories of people traveling and having problems with Bedbugs and if you take them how that’s even worst.  With BedbugLogic from Logic Product group you can travel with confidence that you and your family will be protected from Bedbugs.

BedbugLogic allows you to be proactive and fight against bedbugs before they become a problem to you and if you do have bedbugs this product will help you fight the problem.  This natural bed bug spray has been independently tested in a leading American entomology laboratory, and the results show that BedbugLogic kills bedbugs on contact, naturally and safely. Made from plant- based enzymes, BedbugLogic is safe for daily use – anytime, anywhere.

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BedbugLogic comes in two different scents Thyme and Cedar, and in multiple bottle sizes for your convenience.  There’s the handy travel size that can go with you just about anywhere you are going and the two larger bottles are perfect for treating the whole house and keeping the family protected.  When treating you home for bedbugs spray the non-toxic bedbug spray generously on any area which can potentially be affected such as: mattresses, bedding, bed frames, crevices, corners, baseboards, wallpaper seams, moldings, furniture, luggage, or outerwear.  When you’re traveling here’s some places and tips to keep your family protected from bedbugs.

  • Spray all luggage with BedbugLogic prior to traveling to your destination.  I suggest this especially if you are flying and your luggage will be mixing with out people’s luggage.
  • Spray all the bedding and mattresses when you arrive at the hotel.
  • Spray any other furniture in the room, as well as base boards.
  • Check your luggage and clothing prior to packing them up when your trip is over.
  • Spray all your luggage before packing up your belonging on the way home.
  • When you get home check your luggage and clothing for any signs of bedbugs.

These are just a few tips to help you keep the bedbugs away when you travel for the holidays or any time of the year.  BedbugLogic starts at $18.00 for the small 8 oz size that works great for traveling.  It’s a great item to have for yourself and anyone that does traveling.  To learn more about BedbugLogic and all the other Logic Products connect with them online via their website and their social media site on Facebook and Twitter.

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